Real World Watcher: D.C. Episodes 5 & 6

I know I watched Real World: D.C. last week, but I can only remember one thing from the episode. The rocker dude Josh got a call from his mom telling him his girlfriend might have been with another dude. He passively aggressively asks her about it, she says no, he gets pissed off then goes out and dances all up on a girl. Someone somehow took a photo of that and sent it to her and she passively aggressively asked HIM about it. He of course completely denies it. Now they’re pissed at each other and potentially broken up. I’m sure Andrew stuck out with some girls and Ty said some things that were highly offensive. Oh yeah, Ty and Emily had a falling out because she doesn’t want to be tied down. And the rocker chick, Erika sang on stage with some band I’ve never heard of. Good for her though, that’s pretty rad.

Tonight’s episode was completely infuriating and makes me hate Andrew more and more and more. The episode revolves around an incident between him and Ashley, which I unfortunately missed while cleaning a spill in the kitchen. I did see a bit of a flashback where you see him throw a pizza box at her and kind of sort of rush her. Now, normally it wouldn’t be a big deal, but Ashley’s dad beat her and put a pillow over her face, so she understandably freaks out. I don’t think Andrew knew any of that, so he just goes on his way. They argue about it that night and he calls her delusional and she ends up going to stay the night at a hotel. This might seem like an overreaction, especially when you look at Andrew, but if I was in her position and was living with a complete stranger, I would probably bounce too. Better to get out of the potentially dangerous situation than stay in it.

So, after she gets back, it’s not like her and Andrew make up. The dude won’t even talk to her and thinks it’s all some big game. He even said that he doesn’t want to talk to her because he doesn’t want to get yelled at and for her to tell her about whatever trauma she had in her life. I know he’s young and it doesn’t sound like he’s been through much (or at least wouldn’t talk about it as his last confessional pretty soundly states), but this guy is a total fucking douche. He’s childish and seriously bordering on sexual harassment if not freely and openly crossing that line ON TELEVISION. Honestly, I think the dude’s a few rejections away from completely flipping and becoming a serial killer. I’m putting him up as the biggest d-bag in real world history. Or at least top five.

The other storyline revolved around Callie interviewing for and getting a photography internship at a LGBT newspaper. Meanwhile Mike is working for an organization called the Human Rights Campaign. I have seen their yellow equal sign on blue for years, but never knew what it was for. Their two paths cross during a function where Callie is assigned to take photos. She does well enough to earn herself the internship while mike does well enough to earn himself a dude back to their house. Aside from that, there wasn’t much going on with the others, except Erika giving all kinds of advice to try to avoid becoming the lost cast member.

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