Real World Watcher: D.C. Finale

Unlike last week’s long post which didn’t go up until midnight, I’m going to break up the season finale and cast reunion special up into to posts. Overall, I can’t say I particularly enjoyed this season. I feel like my emotions were toyed with a bit too much by the editors. Were the dudes (minus Mike) really as bad as they seemed in the middle of the season (as I commented on almost completely throughout my posts) or were their worst moments put on screen to get me to dislike them only for the story editors to not-so-much redeem them, but make them more likable later on? I’m really not sure. They did some pretty bad stuff and Andrew still annoys the hell out of me, but they clearly lightened up on all that towards the end of the season so we could all leave on a happy note. And this was a pretty good episode, actually, maybe the best of the season because they actually did stuff like put on an art show, attend a gay pride parade when Mike and his dad actually talked to a protester and they played truth or dare. And of course, they said goodbye. These used to really get me when I was younger, but I’m either not as invested or have become less of a softy. I’m guessing it’s the investment thing because I think I got a little choked up during the goodbyes of the Brooklyn cast. Anyway, I didn’t necessarily live blog this episode, but I did jot down my thoughts, so here we go. Come back in an hour for a post about the reuinion special.

*It’s cool that they’re doing an art show. Andrew even made me laugh when he said Subway could cater. His slowness in painting is annoying.

*Ty’s a douche for saying photography is easy. At least he apologizes later. It’s cool that people are buying Callie’s pics.

*I’m kind of surprised they didn’t have Josh’s band play.

*Uh oh, drunk Mike is flirting/fake fighting with another dude. He’s bleeding!

*Mike’s dad convincing him to go back and talk to the protestor at the gay pride rally was actually really cool.

*I knew Andrew saying he was going to dump his girlfriend Andrea was bullshit. Her moving out there for him is a little crazy though.

*Hey, they’re playing truth or dare on camera! They said how often they plaid this on The Shit They Shoulda Shown last week.

*I feel bad for Emily because she doesn’t seem to have a home to return to. I wonder what she’ll do.

*I’m surprised that no one has decided to stay in DC. Usually there’s one or two.

*Josh is first to go. Then Callie. Then Andrew (who calls the roommates “very special people”). Then Ashley (Mike offers her his house for family). Then Ty. Then Mike and finally Emily. It must really suck to be the last person left in the house. I think I’d get all misty.

*Ty talks about needing to connect to himself which is cool. It’s good to hear him acknowledging he wants to change (nobody’s perfect).

*Emily’s list of things she’ll miss reminds me of leaving for college, leaving college and leaving Toledo.


*Click here, for my live blog of the reunion special.

Real World Watcher: D.C. Episode 12 & The S#!t They Shoulda Shown

Tonight’s post will essentially cover two hours of Real World programming which is why it’s going up so late, for those of you who anxiously await my rundowns every week. The main episode was okay, nothing special. With this being the penultimate episode of the scene I’m surprised with how much they’re cramming into an episode. This one has a significant other visit, at least three charitable events, a wedding, a concert and a big problem with a significant other, but there were really three important stories (and none of them were the charitable stuff, just for the record). For the full post, hit the jump, this turned out to be a long one thanks to the extra hour! Continue reading Real World Watcher: D.C. Episode 12 & The S#!t They Shoulda Shown

Real World Watcher: D.C. Episode 12

After one of the most hate-able episodes of Real World two weeks ago and then a pretty good palette cleanser last week, tonight’s episode just fell kind of flat. This is probably because it starred two of my least favorite people on the show taking up most of the screen time. In one of the two main storylines Andrew actually busts down some doors at local DC papers and gets some face time with some presumably big deal cartoonists and editors. He even gets the chance to trail a reporter to a White House press conference which is kind of shocking because, from what I’ve seen of his art, it’s very basic and not very interesting. Anyway, Andrew ends up lying to his editor in an effort to get more time to get a poitical cartoon in. He does and actually shows some interesting style, but he straight-up says that he’s not very political, which would seem to be a fairly important aspect of being a political cartoonist.

The bigger and far more annoying part of the episode revolves around Erika and her boyfriend visiting. She basically spends 45 minutes of airtime bitching about how much she wants to go home. She says she’s going to go home, but no one’s really convinced. Then she talks to her boyfriend and walks into the hot tub room to tell everyone she’s staying. My favorite part of the whole episode is when Ashley just storms out of the room saying she can’t handle this shit anymore. After Callie and Emily give her some shit for not making any decisions on her own without her boyfriend (who she’s only been dating for two months) she flips the script and then decides to leave anyway. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say. I wonder if they’ll bring someone else in or just let them roll on their own with ONLY 7 people.

Real World Watcher: D.C. Episode 11

Okay, so after one of the most infuriating Real World episodes of all time last week, this week’s was kind of a palate cleanser. Andrew didn’t suck that much, Josh and Ty weren’t in it too much and we got to see Callie actually doing her job as a photographer. I actually found myself liking Andrew as he’s fallen for this girl and has dropped his whole bullshit “I’m in it for the poontang” d-bag shtick for the most part. The problem, which is a lot more telling about him as a person that just about anything else he’s shown this season, is that he has zero trust when it comes to women. He mentions that his mom cheated on his dad, which must contribute to that, but I’m guessing he’s had his heart ripped out by a girl or ten in his past. He’s also said that he doesn’t wear his emotions on his sleeves or open up to people which hint at something more going on, something that the girl noted as being a potential problem in their relationship. By the end of the episode, after some nonsense with a grenade he threw himself on for Josh (to use Jersey Shore parlance) , he and the girl are boyfriend and girlfriend.

Before moving on to the rest of the episode, I’ve got to talk about this grenade again. Her name’s G and she’s this total emo, Debbie Downer (Andrew’s words, though it’s a pretty apt description). Andrew’s showing her the confessional when his soon-to-be-girlfriend shows up at the house (after leaving a girls night out early). He’s sitting there with G, with the door open and his girlfriend awkwardly standing outside the room. Girlfriend–can’t remember her name right now, but it starts with an “A”–goes upstairs and then G proceeds to call her ugly and Andrew doesn’t really defend her (his douchiest moment of the episode). Meanwhile this girl looks like she got ridden hard, fell in the mud and put away wet and dirty.

Of course, no episode can be without its hair pulling moments of rage apparently. This time, that rage was focused solely on Erika, the songstress who expects everything to fall into her lap and gives up any time there’s even a remote problem (like when her band couldn’t make practice one day and she dumped them even when they tried rescheduling). In this episode she does come across some truly bad luck when she’s told, for reasons not relayed to us, that she can’t work at NPR. Or go in for an interview. I wasn’t really sure what stage the whole thing was at. From being a total wet blanket at a soccer game (hey, I hate soccer too, but no need to be a total d-bag about that) to threatening to go home once again for reasons beyond my comprehension (life is hard, I guess).

I was kind of blown away when Callie started shouting at Erika. Not because it was happening as we saw that in the commercials for this week’s episode, but because Callie tells her–and of course us–that Erika is her backbone in the house. Crazy right? It’s nuts how much stuff gets cut out of the show. Anyway, Erika seems to listen to Callie who’s basically telling her to woman-up. Of course, by the looks of next week’s episode, it doesn’t take and Erika leaves. Let’s hope so. Good riddance to bad bananas.

Real World Watcher: D.C. Episode 10

I can say without a doubt that this was one of the most infuriating episode of Real World I’ve ever seen. Between the roommates not kicking the violent man who pushed a 90-pound kid off a 6-foot ledge out of the house, further screen time given to said bully, Andrew’s equally annoying brother visiting and the ongoing war between Emily and Ty, I don’t think an episode has gotten by blood boiling this much in a long time. I’m now convinced that the high quality of Real World: Brooklyn was a complete accident (they put together a cocktail that would lead to surefire conflict on paper, but actually turned out to be really interesting) and the casting director’s are just aiming for assholes who want to punch each other. Hit the jump for the full live blog. Continue reading Real World Watcher: D.C. Episode 10

Real World Watcher: D.C. Episode 9

Wow, okay, I’m going to just post my notes on this one. For those of you wonder, yes, this is the episode in which Andrew fell and got hurt pretty bad. As I note, I HATE this kid, but no one should get tossed over a friggin’ high-ass porch onto cement. As a long time Real World fan, I’m pretty disappointed with how violent and dangerous the non-Mike men on this cast. In this episode Ty pushes a girl in a way that is not playful and shoves Andrew off the steps (I don’t know what to call this thing, it’s not a balcony, it’s not really a porch, it’s bigger than a stoop). Meanwhile, to a lesser degree, because he didn’t actually lay hands on her, Josh gets in Emily’s face in a violent and unnerving manner. And, let’s face it, most hook ups on this show are alcohol fueled which mean they’re skirting laws at best. Blech, I’m hoping Ty gets kicked out, Andrew maybe learns to not be such a douche and Josh goes home too, but I doubt all of those things will happen. Maybe I’m getting too old for this shit. Hit the jump for the live blogging, including the full account of the altercation between Ty and Andrew. Continue reading Real World Watcher: D.C. Episode 9

Real World Watcher: D.C. Episode 8

Yeesh. The Real World D.C. cast is really starting to wear on me. Erika proved herself to be even bitchier this episode as she was completely jealous about Josh’s new band. Now, I agree with her that Josh isn’t really that good of a singer and his pompousness is grating at best, but to sit there and bitch about it over and over and over was too much. I did find it funny that, while the band was practicing in the RW house, most of the girls went into the confessional to complain about him. Anyway, Erika spent most of the episode not getting a band together, complaining, trying to hijack the band (called Wicked Liquid) practice and not do anything to get a band together. He’s not a good singer, but his band is pretty solid. Also, he has “COLON” tatooed on his arm. He’s easily sliding into the d-bag camp now that his ego is inflated. The rest of the episode revolved around Mike and him dealing with his sexuality. He decided to stick with his dude out in Denver, which took up a good portion of the episode as they had kind of broken up in the previous episode. You might have expected to see the visit right away, but instead Mike’s mom, sister and brother came out for a visit. While he explained the issues he was fighting for and against with his new job to his mom, he tried to show off the hetero side of being bisexual to his brother by making out with Callie out at a club. I agree with all the female roommates and even Andrew when they say he’s gay and just trying to use “bisexual” as a shield against ridicule. His brother seems to be grasping at that with a death grip so as not to come to the conclusion that his brother is “all the way gay.”

Okay, that covers most of this episode. And for all of you people who have been searching “Andrew fall” and “Andrew hurt” and finding their way to my blog, get ready because that episode is coming up next week. Here’s what we know. He definitely falls off their porch/stoop. There’s a piece of dialogue in one of the commercials that sounds like Emily saying something like “He threw him off the porch.” The clip also seems to show Ty right after that, but that could either be him responding to the actions, walking away from doing it himself (we have seen him get pretty pissed before) or just walking to do anything because MTV are masters of editing to make you think something is happening when it’s not. It also looks like some of the footage used will be of a security type camera mounted outside the front door. So, either something big happens and they don’t want to get in trouble for sensationalizing it like with the Snooki punch or they just didn’t have regular footage of it. We shall see…

To see how things went down on the next episode, click here.

Real World Watcher: D.C. Episode 7

Wow, tonight’s episode of The Real World was just about as infuriating as it could be. The whole thrust of the episode was a series of increasingly pointless and petty arguments between Ashley and Erika. Now, as long time readers might remember, Erika is the person I figured was heading straight for the land of the forgotten cast member, but I didn’t really explain what that is. It seems like on almost every (or at least every other) season of the Real World has a cast member who seems to melt into the background. In the past, these were usually the ones I saw myself relating to the most, like Rebecca from Real World Seattle. Anyway, in this one episode she went from being the one to be forgotten to my second least favorite member thanks to her antics this episode. Don’t get me wrong, Ashley’s over-the-top too, but I feel like she’s been that way from the get go whereas Erika seemed alright and now she can’t take a friggin comment without getting upset and storming off. Hell, she even “threatened” to go home. At this point, please do.

The only other aspect of the episode was Mike trying to figure out what to do about a boy he met there. Blah blah blah. Maybe it’s because the earlier episodes were crazier, but the content of this one was just boring all around. Oh, there was one other bit that made the episode even worse: Andrew. You’d think for not having hardly any screen time he wouldn’t have made me want to punch him, but I think it was even worse this episode because all of his scenes had to do with him being a disgusting lazy dirtbag who doesn’t clean up after himself. Instead of acknowledging the fact that his grossness does in fact lead to flies and bugs, he says that flies and bugs are just everywhere anyway. He’s like the people in the middle ages who think that bugs just spontaneously generate from meat. I remember learning about that in grade school science. Anyway, the ration of me getting angry at him for every second he was on screen was probably it’s highest. I really dislike this kid and he’d probably love it that I do, which makes it even worse. Okay, I’m hopefully going to forget this waste of an hour and watch The Surrogates, which hopefully won’t be a waste in and of itself. It’s pretty interesting so far.

Real World Watcher: D.C. Episodes 5 & 6

I know I watched Real World: D.C. last week, but I can only remember one thing from the episode. The rocker dude Josh got a call from his mom telling him his girlfriend might have been with another dude. He passively aggressively asks her about it, she says no, he gets pissed off then goes out and dances all up on a girl. Someone somehow took a photo of that and sent it to her and she passively aggressively asked HIM about it. He of course completely denies it. Now they’re pissed at each other and potentially broken up. I’m sure Andrew stuck out with some girls and Ty said some things that were highly offensive. Oh yeah, Ty and Emily had a falling out because she doesn’t want to be tied down. And the rocker chick, Erika sang on stage with some band I’ve never heard of. Good for her though, that’s pretty rad.

Tonight’s episode was completely infuriating and makes me hate Andrew more and more and more. The episode revolves around an incident between him and Ashley, which I unfortunately missed while cleaning a spill in the kitchen. I did see a bit of a flashback where you see him throw a pizza box at her and kind of sort of rush her. Now, normally it wouldn’t be a big deal, but Ashley’s dad beat her and put a pillow over her face, so she understandably freaks out. I don’t think Andrew knew any of that, so he just goes on his way. They argue about it that night and he calls her delusional and she ends up going to stay the night at a hotel. This might seem like an overreaction, especially when you look at Andrew, but if I was in her position and was living with a complete stranger, I would probably bounce too. Better to get out of the potentially dangerous situation than stay in it.

So, after she gets back, it’s not like her and Andrew make up. The dude won’t even talk to her and thinks it’s all some big game. He even said that he doesn’t want to talk to her because he doesn’t want to get yelled at and for her to tell her about whatever trauma she had in her life. I know he’s young and it doesn’t sound like he’s been through much (or at least wouldn’t talk about it as his last confessional pretty soundly states), but this guy is a total fucking douche. He’s childish and seriously bordering on sexual harassment if not freely and openly crossing that line ON TELEVISION. Honestly, I think the dude’s a few rejections away from completely flipping and becoming a serial killer. I’m putting him up as the biggest d-bag in real world history. Or at least top five.

The other storyline revolved around Callie interviewing for and getting a photography internship at a LGBT newspaper. Meanwhile Mike is working for an organization called the Human Rights Campaign. I have seen their yellow equal sign on blue for years, but never knew what it was for. Their two paths cross during a function where Callie is assigned to take photos. She does well enough to earn herself the internship while mike does well enough to earn himself a dude back to their house. Aside from that, there wasn’t much going on with the others, except Erika giving all kinds of advice to try to avoid becoming the lost cast member.