The Kia Sorento Super Bowl Commercial Was Pretty Rad

A few days ago, I posted the sneak peak clips of Kia’s Sorento Super Bowl ad featuring a series of toys including Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba. It looked pretty cool and I was excited for it to come around in the 3rd quarter in a game that I ended up dozing off during only to wake up to see the Colts (who I was rooting for) turn it over to give the Saints a two touchdown lead with a few minutes left.

Seeing as how I wasn’t emotionally invested in the game (I’m a Steelers fan), I found myself watching the game like I did when I was younger and didn’t care about football: waiting for the commercials. Overall I liked the Bud Light, Coke and Doritos commercials the best. The missus commented that she didn’t think they were that good this year, but I have a theory on that: commercials in general are much better nowadays than they used to be. Ten to fifteen years ago it doesn’t seem like commercials were trying to make us laugh unless they were on during a football game, but in the last decade the balance has shifted towards better and funnier ads. So, on the whole I’d say the quality of our commercials is just a lot better, we don’t have to wait for the Super Bowl anymore to give us the goodness. But, people still expect better and crazier commercials which means expectations are much much higher because the basic standard of commercials are better. What do you guys think?

For more information about the song in the commercial and the identity of the black and white striped guy, click here.

One thought on “The Kia Sorento Super Bowl Commercial Was Pretty Rad


    The song in the Kia Sorento 2011 advert ( is The Heavy ‘How You Like Me Now?’ from the album ‘The House That The Dirt Built’:

    Watch The Heavy perform ‘How You Like Me Now?’ on Letterman:

    The Heavy MySpace:

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