They Say It Was My Birthday

Hey gang, you might have noticed a serious dip in posting over the weekend. That was because yesterday (Saturday) was my birthday. My folks came out from Toledo on Friday and spent the weekend with the missus and me. It was the first time in years that we saw each other on my actual birthday which was pretty cool. We got lunch at a great place in New Paltz, NY called The Gilded Otter. In addition to being a great little restaurant, the place is also a brewery where, instead of getting a beer, you can get what they call the Beer Garden which is eight shot-sized samples of their beers with a list explaining which was which. I’m pretty sure they were mislabeled, but it was still a lot of fun. We got a growler of one of them for later in the evening when some friends came over and we had a good old time hanging out, talking and playing electronic catchphrase. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy b-day on Facebook, email and sent cards, like this one from my buddy Chad who’s in Japan right now.Super extra double thanks to everyone and anyone who hooked me up with one of these lovely gifts. Thanks to the Lost Season 5 DVDs, all the Nightmare On Elm Street movies and Modern Warfare 2, I’ll have plenty to watch and do. The Beatles CDs will keep my ears buzzing and I’ll look sick as hell wearing the Superman shirt while drinking out of the Green Lantern mug and playing with my 3 3/4-inch Freddy Krueger figure. Thanks again to everyone!

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