Casting Internets

My buddy Heather sent me this link about the new Heinz ketchup dip and squeeze packet from a site called The Fire Wire. Apparently, it’s the first change to the ketchup packet design in 42 years. I like the design, it makes sense for dipping and squeezing. Hit the link for more pictures and a video in case you can’t quite grasp the concept from the pics.

Meanwhile, over on CBR, my buddy Kiel reports on a rumor floating around that Christopher Nolan, the brains behind the latest and greatest Batman flicks has been put in charge of the next Superman movie. I’m hoping this is a case where they expect him to go “dark and gritty” on Superman, but what he’ll really do is expertly get to the heart of the character and what makes him tick like he did on Batman. Do we really need a repeat of the late 80s/early 90s grim and gritty comics market on the big screen?

Speaking of CBR, the Robot 6 boys posted this movie of the 3 foot tall wooden R. Crumb figure that’s been making his way around the internet. It’s a mini stop motion type thing that’s really entertaining if you’ve ever read or seen anything about Crumb.

While waiting for tonight’s episode of Lost and kicking around the internet today, I realized I didn’t link to Sean’s thoughts about the season premiere.

Finally, I spotted this panel from the recent Black Widow #3 which made me laugh, so I had to scan it and post it. Watch it with those hands, girl!

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