Lost Thoughts: What Kate Does

Here’s my thoughts, questions and comments on last night’s episode of Lost.

Claire’s ultrasound says it’s 2004.

Claire looked nuts at the end, very Rousseau. I wonder if she’s either got Jacob or Esau in her.

I really didn’t want Sayid to scream when he was being tortured, but I’ll give the guy a pass, he did just come back from the dead.

If what happened to Sayid in the pool is what happend to Ben does that mean he’s infected too? They did say it would change him when he was shot. This has got to be the same virus that Rousseau’s people had and the Others were trying to stop right?

It’s really hard remembering what the other characters know. As viewers we see “everything” but I can’t keep up with what each character knows.

Mac from Always Sunny seemed to be playing the same character in this just going by a different name.

Were the people at the Temple hopping through time?

Seeing Ethan was fun.

Sawyer NEEDS to play Wolverine and soon.

Hehe, when Dogen was typing on his typewriter, Em joked he was E-mailing and I said, “No, he’s chi-mailing.” (Sounds like chee)

I’ve heard people wondering why Claire would get into a car with a woman who held a gun to her. I think these people are finding that they’re drawn to each other. This is either because these people are destined to always be near each other (like how there’s almost always a Lois Lane for Superman to love in alternate reality comics) or because there’s still something from the normal timeline inside them that they somehow recognize. For instance, Claire trusted Kate enough to keep Aaron, so maybe she still feels drawn to her.

Kate really should have ditched the cab. Even I can’t defend that one very well.

I need to catch up on the Lost podcast!

5 thoughts on “Lost Thoughts: What Kate Does

  1. I gotta concur on the “being drawn to each other” thing.

    Or, at least I hope that is what is going on.

    If not, all the semi-knowing looks and glances between people are not going to make much sense. When Kate was in the cab and looked out at Jack, that is when I started really thinking that there must be some sort of connection or some reason for them to be showing us these moments that are seemingly meaningless otherwise.

    1. Yeah, I’ve got to believe it’s more than just melodramatic acting and writing. The writers have earned my trust in the last few seasons and I’m looking forward to seeing where things go. I also read an interesting post somewhere where the writer said that the reason the show is so good is because it focuses on characters as well as action. So, since this is the last season, they’re probably going to give each of the main characters their own episodes to kind of tie things up or at least get them closer to being tied up by the end of the series.

  2. Hmm… interesting. I think, at this point, I’d much rather have more answers for the bigger questions and less closure for the individuals. I’m all for wrapping up things for these characters, I just want many of the lingering mysteries answered in the process.

    1. I completely understand that and I’m hoping/assuming all the big questions will get answered, but I think if it was all info dump episodes people would be understandably upset. Plus, do you really want to watch an entire season of just questions being answered and no new content?

  3. “Plus, do you really want to watch an entire season of just questions being answered and no new content?”

    Maybe. Guess that depends on how many actual get answered during the course of this season. Depending on what isn’t answered, I may look back and happily sacrifice some dull character moments for answers.

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