Real World Watcher: D.C. Episode 7

Wow, tonight’s episode of The Real World was just about as infuriating as it could be. The whole thrust of the episode was a series of increasingly pointless and petty arguments between Ashley and Erika. Now, as long time readers might remember, Erika is the person I figured was heading straight for the land of the forgotten cast member, but I didn’t really explain what that is. It seems like on almost every (or at least every other) season of the Real World has a cast member who seems to melt into the background. In the past, these were usually the ones I saw myself relating to the most, like Rebecca from Real World Seattle. Anyway, in this one episode she went from being the one to be forgotten to my second least favorite member thanks to her antics this episode. Don’t get me wrong, Ashley’s over-the-top too, but I feel like she’s been that way from the get go whereas Erika seemed alright and now she can’t take a friggin comment without getting upset and storming off. Hell, she even “threatened” to go home. At this point, please do.

The only other aspect of the episode was Mike trying to figure out what to do about a boy he met there. Blah blah blah. Maybe it’s because the earlier episodes were crazier, but the content of this one was just boring all around. Oh, there was one other bit that made the episode even worse: Andrew. You’d think for not having hardly any screen time he wouldn’t have made me want to punch him, but I think it was even worse this episode because all of his scenes had to do with him being a disgusting lazy dirtbag who doesn’t clean up after himself. Instead of acknowledging the fact that his grossness does in fact lead to flies and bugs, he says that flies and bugs are just everywhere anyway. He’s like the people in the middle ages who think that bugs just spontaneously generate from meat. I remember learning about that in grade school science. Anyway, the ration of me getting angry at him for every second he was on screen was probably it’s highest. I really dislike this kid and he’d probably love it that I do, which makes it even worse. Okay, I’m hopefully going to forget this waste of an hour and watch The Surrogates, which hopefully won’t be a waste in and of itself. It’s pretty interesting so far.

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