Halloween Scene: HellBound (1994)

I was flipping through the newly added action movies on Netbox today, saw this title and was instantly excited. Why you ask? It looks kind of like every other Norris box cover: him holding a weapon standing in front of something dangerous. What sets it apart? CHUCK NORRIS FIGHTS THE DEVIL!!! Sounds pretty sick right? Unfortunately, it’s not.

The movie plays like a combination of an extra long episode of Walker Texas Ranger and every other movie where a regular guy falls into something mystical while trying to solve a murder. The Walker Texas Ranger comparison doesn’t just come from the fact that both come from the mid 90s, but because the main female actress in HellBound is the same woman from WTR (Sheree J. Wilson). Also, Norris’s partner is a black guy. He’s not the more uptight black guy from WTR (Clarence Gilyard Jr.), but more of a fish-out-of water funny guy in the form of Calvin Levels.

Okay, so the plot is that Norris and Levels plays Chicago cops who are trying to solve a murder that involves an ancient artifact. Actually that’s after a big fight in the 1100s between some knights and the devil in the very beginning of the movie. This sends them to Israel where they eventually have a final showdown with the devil. Norris fights him twice, both are pretty cool. It’s the rest of the movie that’s a problem. Even at 95 minutes the movie feels like it drags because you’re always just waiting for Norris to kick someone else. Instead you get several scenes with a young pick pocket that Norris and his partner try to show the way of right. Oh, also, their names are Shatter and Jackson. That’s right, Norris’s character’s name is Sgt. Frank Shatter. Wow.

HellBound’s not really worth watching. All you really need to do is watch the end of the movie, which luckily someone posted on YouTube. So, just watch it here and save yourself some time.

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