A Few Self Serving Links

Whew, so much for a relaxing long weekend. I think I might have worked more between Friday and Monday than I did all last week, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down until Wednesday (thanks Toy Fair).

But really, thanks Toy Fair! This is my third being in the industry, yet I didn’t head down this year thanks to a scheduling conflict. That hasn’t stopped me from covering it though. I’m currently working on the big NYTF Incoming section for the next issue of Toy Fair and also did some reporting for CBR. Check out my posts on some of Mattel and Hasbro‘s reveals.

If that isn’t enough of me for you, then head over to Maxim for my weekly TV column We Like To Watch. It wasn’t easy putting this one together thanks to the wealth of Winter Olympics programming (most networks are just showing reruns in response).

Finally, and most importantly, some buddies and I started up our very own weekly sketch blog called The LAW Blog. The first character we’ll be tackling is our buddy Justin Aclin‘s Geist from his Hero House comic. But it here. Ed McGuinness did a pretty good job with this cover, but I bet we can top him.

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