Real World Watcher: D.C. Episode 8

Yeesh. The Real World D.C. cast is really starting to wear on me. Erika proved herself to be even bitchier this episode as she was completely jealous about Josh’s new band. Now, I agree with her that Josh isn’t really that good of a singer and his pompousness is grating at best, but to sit there and bitch about it over and over and over was too much. I did find it funny that, while the band was practicing in the RW house, most of the girls went into the confessional to complain about him. Anyway, Erika spent most of the episode not getting a band together, complaining, trying to hijack the band (called Wicked Liquid) practice and not do anything to get a band together. He’s not a good singer, but his band is pretty solid. Also, he has “COLON” tatooed on his arm. He’s easily sliding into the d-bag camp now that his ego is inflated. The rest of the episode revolved around Mike and him dealing with his sexuality. He decided to stick with his dude out in Denver, which took up a good portion of the episode as they had kind of broken up in the previous episode. You might have expected to see the visit right away, but instead Mike’s mom, sister and brother came out for a visit. While he explained the issues he was fighting for and against with his new job to his mom, he tried to show off the hetero side of being bisexual to his brother by making out with Callie out at a club. I agree with all the female roommates and even Andrew when they say he’s gay and just trying to use “bisexual” as a shield against ridicule. His brother seems to be grasping at that with a death grip so as not to come to the conclusion that his brother is “all the way gay.”

Okay, that covers most of this episode. And for all of you people who have been searching “Andrew fall” and “Andrew hurt” and finding their way to my blog, get ready because that episode is coming up next week. Here’s what we know. He definitely falls off their porch/stoop. There’s a piece of dialogue in one of the commercials that sounds like Emily saying something like “He threw him off the porch.” The clip also seems to show Ty right after that, but that could either be him responding to the actions, walking away from doing it himself (we have seen him get pretty pissed before) or just walking to do anything because MTV are masters of editing to make you think something is happening when it’s not. It also looks like some of the footage used will be of a security type camera mounted outside the front door. So, either something big happens and they don’t want to get in trouble for sensationalizing it like with the Snooki punch or they just didn’t have regular footage of it. We shall see…

To see how things went down on the next episode, click here.

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