A Few New Lost Thoughts After Listening To The Geronimo Jack’s Beard Podcast

So Jorge Garcia, Hurley from course from Lost, has a podcast with his girlfriend called Geronimo Jack’s Beard where they talk about Lost episodes. But not after watching them, they recorded these later last year after reading the scripts. And, while the flow starts off really poorly with the season opener, it is interesting to hear someone talk about the specific scripts of the episodes instead of the finished product. One such thing that I didn’t notice myself was that, when Locke B falls out of his wheelchair and lands on the grass, the sprinklers that turn on are the same sound effect as the monster. It apparently even carries over to the regular timeline and a shot of Non Locke that comes right after it. Very cool.

Listening them talk about the show and reading some blog posts like Sean‘s and Tom & Lorenzo‘s have got me really thinking. Garcia brings up the fact that it seems like only people who haven’t been buried can have their countenances assumed by Smokey. They mentioned Yemi, Christian Shepherd and Locke among others. Well, I’m going to take that one step further and say that it’s because, once the bodies are in the ground, they become property of the island. Or at least off limits to the Smoke monster. You could take it one step further and say that maybe Jacob controls the earth while Smokey’s domain is the sky. That has a very ancient god type feel to it right?

Which brings me to my wider scope theory. Jacob and Smokey are some kind of gods. Maybe Smokey was telling the truth when he said that he used to be a human too, but we’ll see. There’s plenty of stories of humans making it into the hallowed halls of god-dom right? Plenty of myths also revolve rules, the following of them and the breaking of them too (take the Garden of Eden for example). So, maybe Jacob has domain over the earth of the island while Smokey has the sky/air, but still can’t leave the island. If they’re not both gods of some kind, I wonder if they’re even the same kind of thing. Can Jacob turn to smoke? If he could why didn’t he? If Smokey can turn to smoke why can’t he leave the island? My guess is that the temporal bubble around it wasn’t just meant to keep people out, but also to keep him in from hurting the world. I don’t have any specific knowledge of ancient Egyptian religion (aside from what I learned and forgot in an ancient religions course I took in college), but all of the Egyptian imagery has to mean something. If it doesn’t refer directly to Egyptian religion, it at least makes me think that the struggle between these characters goes way WAY back. Heck, maybe the Egyptian gods incarcerated these two older gods on an island instead of killing them. Who knows?!

Oh, I also had a thought about the alternate timeline. There are still tons of possibilities that could explain why Locke and his dad still have a good relationship (maybe his dad’s still a con man, but hasn’t revealed himself yet, maybe he really is a good guy, maybe Locke’s in on the con with him), but think about this. If Locke’s dad IS a good guy, then does that mean that Sawyer’s parents are still alive? Is Sawyer still a con man? Was he marking Hurley for a future con when he saw him on the plane in the premiere or just offering some friendly advice when he said not to tell people you won the lottery? Very interesting stuff.

Man, I tend not to take stock in too many theories online, but I love coming up with them! And I figure putting them here on the blog will be a better record than spouting off craziness to my friends. Thoughts?

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