More Writing Links

I’m taking it a little easy today because I did a lot of work over the weekend and the supposed Monday holiday. So, while I’m playing Modern Warfare 2 and watching curling, it’s pretty cool to see some links roll in of the stuff I wrote.

I did an interview with X-Men editor Axel Alonso about the upcoming Astonishing X-Men Xenogensis. Mileage will vary on the comic itself, but talking to Axel is always informative and funny.

Meanwhile, I did a list for Topless Robot about the 10 craziest Robocop videos I found on YouTube. I wrote this one a while ago, so it’s cool to see it all together in one place.

And finally, I did another list for’s The Goods. This one’s about the coolest DVD cases/sets of all time, focusing specifically on the packaging and not really the content (for instance, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen made the list because one version of the case transforms while the movie itself sucks butt).

Also, do yourself a favor and go check out the updates to the We Are The LAW sketch blog.

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