Lost Thoughts: The Lighthouse

I liked tonight’s episode. It seemed a little light on action, but I felt like it was setting a lot of things up for the rest of the season. The Lighthouse itself was cool to see and the impending doom on the temple is interesting. I like seeing good and bad teams. Jack makes another decision that could inadvertently be good or bad, we’ll see. Dude’s not so good at this stuff sometimes. Here’s my thoughts and questions from the episode.

I think we’ve taken way too much stock in what other people have said about Jacob. Instead of assuming that Jacob’s a bad guy, maybe we’ve only seen the actions of a bad guy. By that I mean that we know ben never had any interactions with Jacob, so maybe he was really being directed by the Smoke Monster or some other agent to work counteractive to Jacob. Something to think about.

Another brand new dynamic: potentially crazy Claire and injured Jin. The Lost writers are great at these pairings you’d never expect.

I’m wondering if the Others have explanations for things they don’t understand much like how primitive people came up with legends to explain things like the sun and moon. Maybe this “infection” is something else entirely, it’s just the best that people whose technology tops out at guns and typewriters can come up with. I’m not saying they’re dumb, just possibly ignorant.

One of the problems with the Dimension X universe is that we don’t really know these characters. We notice how they’re different, but as of now we don’t know why we should actually care about them. I’ve still got faith we’ll find out and it will be meaningful, even having more meaning on further viewings, but I think it’s hard for a lot of people to really latch on to.

I agree with Hurley, it’s cool to see him and Jack walking around visiting some familiar sites like the cave and the Adam and Eve skeletons, even discovering a new crazy place. I still think they’re Rose and Bernard. Just a hunch though.

It’s also nice to hear characters explaining things to each other, like why Jack found the caves in the first place. If only they talked more around the camp fire in early episodes instead of running around the woods, there would be way fewer head scratchers.

Oh man. Was the lighthouse looking in on their main universe lives or the Dimension X ones? Also, who was 108? Man, either Jack just screwed up big time or helped things out without knowing it. It doesn’t seem like he can mean to do something good and it turns out good. I was hoping there would be something noticeably different in the flash sideways, but I didn’t notice anything.

The V commercial saying they’re excited about Lost’s last season was pretty funny.

Wow. Okay, a bunch of questions: What’s with Claire? Is she evil or manipulated? When was she taken to the temple? Why doesn’t she remember what happened to Aaron? Was she manipulated into becoming the next Rousseau to fill a spot on Smokey’s team? Who does she think Non Locke is? Are Non Locke and Non Christian separate beings? Is the island a prison for several different kinds of Smoke Monsters? Why did Jin lie and tell Claire Aaron’s at the temple? Was he trying to set her up so they would kill her? Is he worried that she’ll kill him? Man, she’s a really creepy character right now. Completely crazy and unpredictable.

So Jack’s important and has to figure out why. Or, is he? Maybe this isn’t really Jacob appearing but someone else. Perhaps the lighthouse was Smokey’s. We really don’t know, trust no one.

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