Toy Commercial Tuesday: Secret Wars Vehicles

Unlike some of the previous Tuesday Toy Commercial entries, I have vivid memories of this Mattel Secret Wars commercial featuring the Doom Roller and Turbo Cycle. Maybe the coolness of vehicle that would actually go around a loop like that blew my mind or maybe it was on one of my Beta Max tapes (yeah, Beta baby), but it stuck in my brain for the past 25 or so years. It’s funny to think now that Mattel made Marvel toys back then and that a few years down the road Hasbro was making all the big DC toys and how that status quo shifted completely and then changed again. Surprisingly, I don’t think I ever actually had an Secret Wars toys. It seems like I’ve got at least one random figure from every line around that time, but none from SW. I remember one time my neighbor Denny who was older than me by a bit took all of his action figures to the creek in the park across the street from our houses and destroyed all his figures. I came upon the remains later, saddened. I would have gladly taken them off his hands and avoided such wanton slaughter. They had holograms for goodness sake! Ah well, bygones and all that. Did anyone have the Doom Cycle? Did it work as well as it does in the commercial? That’s an awful neat trick.

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