What Is This Big Bang Theory Poster???

As I mentioned in my latest Big Bang Theory live blog, I’ve been trying to figure out what the poster above Leonard’s bed is. No, not the Star Wars one, I’ve already figured out what that one is. The one that looks like a robot version of The Usual Suspects in a police line-up. I’ve been Google image searching everything I can think of from “Big Bang Theory Leonard’s room poster” to “toy line painting” and came up with nothing productive except for this screen cap thanks to Andy Ihnatko’s Celestial Waste of Bandwidth:Unfortunately, the post is about the Star Wars Defend and Protect poster to the side and not the one directly over his bed. Does anyone know what it is? Or recognize one of the characters in it? Or even the artist? The funny thing is that it’s not like I want to buy the poster, I’m just plagued by curiosity that needs quenching!

Oh, also, I’m pretty sure we have that same clothes hamper in our bedroom, crazy.

UPDATE: I should have posted this link a while ago, but here‘s the skinny on the poster!

14 thoughts on “What Is This Big Bang Theory Poster???

  1. that poster is limited to 100 copies and is called defend and protect, entertainment earth had it for sale, but is now out of stock, hope this helps

  2. tj do you by any chance know or have a way of finding out who makes the the robot chef picture that is in the kitchen on Big Bang theory wish I could post a screen shot but cant find on hope you know what im talking about

  3. Hi, wondering if you can help. Looking for the red print of the ship that hung above leonards bed in ‘The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem’.
    Has anyone come across it?


    1. I looked at my DVDs and see what poster you guys are talking about. It looks like a boat on a red ocean of some kind. I tried zooming in on an image and using Google’s Image Search, but nothing came up. I think it’s because the scene is so dark. I’ll keep looking though!

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