Toy Commercial Tuesday: Silverhawks Double Feature

As a kid, I always loved the commercials that showed kids playing with toys in these really complex play areas like their G.I. Joes in a to-scale creek or some other crazy setting. Now that I’m older and looking back, I appreciate commercials like this one that generally show kids using what they could get their hands on to create settings for their toys. That’s really how I played as a kid. I had a few playsets along the line, but I was much more likely to create my own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stuff out of old Cheese Poof cans that have the real thing. The first commercial uses everything from a kitchen counter and straws to paper and a cherry. The second one looks a little bit more like a set, but I think it’s just set around an 80s fish tank. On the subject of the toys themselves, I loved Silverhawks as a kid. I had no idea at the time that they were basically the exact same thing as Thundercats, but that’s probably why I liked it. But, as much as I loved the toys, they did not return the favor as every single Silverhawk I got broke in a matter of minutes. The villains held up pretty well and I still have most of them in good working order today, though Mon-Star had some problems. My favorite was Blue Grass not because I’m the guitar-obsessed guy I am today, but I loved how you could launch his guitar/robot bird off his back. Of course, that broke too. And the shiny paint chipped off, but I still loved him.

Also, check out how cool the opening to that first commercial is with the non-metal body falling through the logo and then turning into a Silverhawk. I bet THAT figure didn’t break.

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