Drive-In CouchFest: Twister’s Revenge (1987)

Wow, I figured the movies in this Drive In Movie Classics 50-pack would be obscure, but I didn’t think they’d be SO obscure that I wouldn’t be able to find poster art for them online. Instead, I had to settle for the title image as it appeared onscreen. And, hey, there’s a reason Twister’s Revenge is obscure, it’s pretty stupid. And by stupid I mean in two ways: the movie is full of stupid characters and the script doesn’t really make any sense.

Here’s the plot. Three goobers are in a mechanic’s shop when they hear a guy come in and tell the owner (not one of the three goobers) that he’s got a brand new monster truck which operates on computers. They decide to steal the computers and fence them. Turns out that the guy–wearing the cowboy hat above–just sits in the cab while his fiance actually controls the truck using the computers. Now, at first it just seems like this is just a giant remote controlled car, but as it turns out it’s like the Knightrider or monster trucks (whose name is Mr. Twister by the way). We only find that out after a failed attempt to steal the computers make the goobers change their plans from robbery to kidnapping and ransom after the heroes get married. Jesus, I can’t believe how much detail I have to get into to explain this movie.

After the bad guys kidnap the girl, it’s up to the cowboy and the truck to get her back. The result is a ridiculous series of shotgun battles and scenes of people being chased by Mr. Twister like he’s a slasher (and for some reason can’t catch up to a person running and stumbling through an open, though hilly, field). I got confused for a few minutes because I wasn’t sure if the truck was running on its own or if the guy was in. Either way, why is the truck chasing down the dumbest of the goobers girlfriend? She didn’t do anything but love an idiot.

Anyway, like I said, it kind of drags on, but Mr. Twister wrecks a bunch of shit and eventually the good guy saves the girl, but only after the bad guys get their hands on a tank and a weirdly slow and surprisingly uninteresting chase scene follows.

Okay, so like I said this movie’s crazy. For some reason the bad guys keep the girl in what looks like an underground cavern with dynamite…and a coffee maker? Okay. Then, in the middle of the movie, there’s a pointless scene in a bar with a large woman dressed in spandex singing with two similarly clad back-up singers and a very new wave band clearly not playing the music that was in the movie. Which reminds me, the movie looks about as good as the screencaps which is fine, but the sound actually skips like a scratched CD or poorly transferred MP3, which gets really annoying. Oh, yeah, this also pops up in the club scene for absolutely no reason and is never referred to before or after.

So all in all, Twister’s Revenge is not a good movie. It’s a very bad movie, but it’s fun. Definitely worth watching if you’re a fan of the so-bad-it’s-good school of thought or with a bunch of friends and some beers. How can you not love a movie with an outhouse dubbed “Shit House.” And yes, that’s the dumbest of the goobers and yes, he jumps into the outhouse in order to avoid Twister’s revenge to the results you’d imagine.

Score: So bad it’s good. Way WAY better than The Devil With Seven Faces.

4 thoughts on “Drive-In CouchFest: Twister’s Revenge (1987)

  1. Good review. I actually own the vhs of this because it was filmed where I live. It might also interest you to know “Giant Spider Invasion,” was filmed in the same town, Gleason is like the Hollywood of shitty movies from the 70’s.

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