Big Bang Theory Commercial Actors

Over the past few days I’ve been watching the first and second seasons of Big Bang Theory on DVD and I noticed that there’s two commercials on TV right now starring at least somewhat recurring characters from the show. First up, and most obviously, is Sara Rue in Jenny Craig commercials. She played Stephanie Barnett, Leonard’s short time physician girlfriend on BBT. Personally, I thought she looked good on the show, but I respect anyone wanting to slim down. Here’s one of her commercials.

Also, on a quick sidenote, as you probably know I’ve been watching a lot of Roseanne reruns lately and I was surprised to find out that Rue actually played a young Roseanne in 1992’s “Halloween IV” Ghost of Halloween Past-type flashback. And the guy who played younger Dan? None other than Abraham Benrubi, better known as Jerry the male nurse from ER. Jump to 1:06 in the following YouTube clip to get a glimpse.

The other BBT actor I’ve noticed popping up is John Ross Bowie who plays fellow scientist Barry Kripke in this DiGiorno pizza commercial. He’s the guy hosting the party who looses his pizza–and table–to the downstairs neighbors. When it first came on, I actually thought it was Ed Helms from The Office, but then realized it was Bowie sans Kripke’s speech impediment.

This one always gets a chuckle from me. Em makes fun of me for laughing at the same commercials every time, just like the e*Trade with the baby on the plane. That one gets a smile every freakin’ time.

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