Toy Commercial Tuesday: Blaster Transformer

I wasn’t the kind of toy fan growing up that got too caught up in the names and origins of the figures I was buying. I pretty much just got whatever looked the coolest or whatever a nice relative or family friend would give me. Because of this attitude, I didn’t actually remember what the name of the Autobot version of Sound Wave was called until the last few years while I was working at ToyFare (I’m sure many people would think that small fact would be enough for my dismissal).  As it is, I don’t remember how I came to own Blaster. Like Sound Wave he came with a few tape cassettes that transform into their own guys. The two I got were a yellow tiger and a humanoid shaped black and silver guy. Even though they’re clearly antiquated now, I still love the design of Sound Wave and Blaster and wish I could get my hands on the newer Sound Wave that came out recently.

Regarding this commercial, just check out how awesome it is. You’ve got one Transformer walking carrying Blaster in his boom box mode all gangsta-like. Then, in the end, you’ve got kids playing with toys how kids actually play with toys, basically by smashing them together.

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