Live Blogging The Big Bang Theory “The Pants Alternative”

Tonight’s episode of Big Bang Theory was another good one. This is quite a streak. It deals with Sheldon confronting his fear of public speaking thanks to the help of his friends. It features drunken Sheldon again, which is always a high point for me. I’d like to drink with that dude. Hit the jump for the full live blog.

*Raj’s point about the Na’Vi using their junk to connect with other Na’Vi and the animals is a bit off putting.

*Gotta love Sheldon’s Green Lantern jersey shirt. At least I do. Sheldon Shirts tells me it’s discontinued though.

*I wonder what they’re watching on TV in old school red and blue 3D. It is funny watching them bob and weave at the flaming arrows.

*Sheldon doesn’t want to give a speech in exchange for winning his award as he’s afraid to speak in in public.

*I wish there was a Hillbilly Peace Prize.

*Haha, Sheldon passing out just thinking about trying to give his college Summa Cum Laude speech is pretty great.

*Sheldon, of course, thinks he’s smarter than Raj, Howard, Leonard and Penny put together.

*Leonard, good call on comparing Sheldon to Prof. X and them being his X-Men of Public Speaking.

*”Raj said he could help with some Indian meditation crap.” – Howard.

“My power is to pretend like I give a damn about your piddly ass problems. And that’s 24-7 buddy.” – Howard. Awesome.

*Haha, they’re his C-Men. And yes, that will make me laugh every time.

*Raj has an awesome Rubicks Cube tissue box cover. Can’t track it down online.

*Sim City is where Sheldon feels most comfortable. He dubbed it Sheldonopolis and everything sports his name.

*Of course, Sheldon’s mental Godzilla attack of Sheldonopolis drives Raj away.

*Sheldon likes the kinds of suits I did when I was 7. I especially like the all-white tux with tails.

*Now Leonard’s examining Sheldon psychological. This should be good.

*”How did you know you were a giant if everything was to scale?” – Leonard. “I was wearing size a million pants.” – Sheldon.

*Now Sheldon’s psychoanalyzing Leonard. How the tables can turn!

*”If someone as damaged as you can find a way to crawl out of bed each day, i think I can give a speech.” – Sheldon. I think I got the last part wrong, sorry.

*Uh oh, Leonard’s going through his issues on stage in front of everyone. Luckily Sheldon drank a few drinks because the first one was defective and jumps up on stage with a bottle of wine. This should be amazing.

*I’m happy that I get his geek science joke. Uh oh, now he’s talking about his fellow professors.

*”Just the Asian!” – Sheldon. Hilarious.

*Whoa, Sheldon with no pants, his tighty whities, a sport jacket and a tie is not a good look. “Question one, where are my pants?” – Sheldon. Luckily it’s on YouTube. I checked. It’s not actually on YouTube. At least right now.

2 thoughts on “Live Blogging The Big Bang Theory “The Pants Alternative”

  1. Did you notice that at the award ceremony they goofed up! Raj actually spoke in the presence of Penny and he wasn’t drunk!

    1. I noticed that too, but I think he had had enough to drink to say something. I watched the first two seasons pretty quickly and I think they established in later episodes that Raj only needs to have a drink or two to talk to a woman (because it’s all in his head, he just needs that ability to release himself from his in-his-head malady). But, I could be wrong, it went by so quickly that I didn’t have a chance to see if Raj had a drink in his hand.

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