Casting Internets

So, so, SO much news this morning and it’s only noon.

First and most importantly, I’m excited to hear that Kevin Smith’s horror movie Red State will be getting made. I hadn’t heard much about it, just that he was doing a horror flick and that it was DARK. I haven’t seen Cop Out yet, but haven’t heard good things. It doesn’t put me off too much though, dude’s built up a ton of good will with me. For the full details, check out /Film.

I’ve never read a Brian Hibbs column, but I agree with just about everything he says in last week’s Tilting at Windmills over on CBR. The column was about what companies could do to actually improve sales and not just flood the market, breaking down to the basic idea that “Customers want to be entertained for a reasonable price, by stores that are “in continuity” and that are released in a reasonable amount/frequency.” Good stuff.

Also on CBR, my buddy Kiel did a great interview with Hellboy/B.P.R.D.’s Mike Mignola. It’s a great read if you’re a huge Hellboy-verse fan like me. Marvel finally announced some plans for MiracleMan. There will be a one-shot in June with an essay, interviews with various creators and pin-ups, then a new collection of classic strips in a reprint comic and a collection too. I doubt folks were really clamoring for this stuff, but I guess it’s good to start somewhere. (Via CBR, again)

Wow, I swear I read other sites besides CBR, but they’ve been posting lots of goodness lately. Like this week’s Comic Book Legends Revealed which goes into the details of how the Brazilian version of Secret Wars was changed due to their reprint schedule not matching up with the then-current continuity. Head over there and check out all the differences just in the covers. CBLR writer Brian Cronin has branched out into a full line of urban legend columns on his own LegendsRevealed. In Music Legends Revealed #29, he dropped an info bomb that Bon Jovi’s first pro writing gig was doing a song called “R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas” for the above Christmas In The Stars album mainly sung by C-3PO. He was 17. Crazy.

And finally, I wish this show was on DVD.

2 thoughts on “Casting Internets

  1. I knew that Bon Jovi tidbit, I have that SW Christmas CD! I drag it out every year and inflict it on those around me. It is the cheesiest of trash–and I listen to a LOT of showtunes.

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