Lost Thoughts: Ab Aeterno

According to Wikitionary, the title’s Latin name means “since the beginning of time.”

Whew, tonight’s episode was a roller coaster of emotions, am I right? Fans, including me, have been clamoring for a Richard-centric episode ever since we realized he was some kind of non-aging dude who seems to know a lot more than everyone else on the island. First I want to talk about the story itself, then the mythology behind things.

Em thought the episode started slow, but I liked the pace. No, it wasn’t wizbang, but it did a good job of getting you emotionally invested. She also thought using consumption as the cause of death was a little weak. Didn’t bother me.

Watching Ricardo struggle so hard to get out of chains was rough. I was really hoping he’d be able to do it himself, but I get why they had him beholden to Smokey from a story perspective.

I wonder what the deal with the knife is. I liked hearing Smokey give Ricardo the same speech Dogen gave to Sayid about stabbing Non Locke. It was also cool seeing Richard fail at what Ben succeeded to do. Does anyone know if there was anything special about the knife Ben used on Jacob?

Jacob’s explanation of the island using the wine bottle was interesting. The island is the cork keeping the evil in. I wonder if that implies that Smokey is actually a much larger evil than the entity we’ve seen. Maybe Smokey/Non Locke is just one aspect of it.

So, Jacob hadn’t been interfering up to this point. I’m not sure how to feel about that.

Okay, now onto the little game between Jacob and Smokey. I’m really not sure how I feel about this. I get Jacob’s idea that it doesn’t count if he tells the people to be good and they are. That’s kind of like the theory behind the Judeo-Christian God who granted humanity free will so they can make their own decisions (including whether they believe in Him). BUT, the part of the game that seems questionable to me is Jacob deliberately bringing humans to the island, many of whom get slaughtered. Hell, Richard was the first one to choose correctly and that was just 140 years ago. Who knows how long they’ve been on the island drawing people to their deaths like some even-more-mythical siren. That seems less than okay, but that’s probably intentional as I don’t think we’re supposed to trust Jacob even though the only people saying negative things about him are liars and murderers. But not Kate, even though she’s both.

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