Spider-Man Dark Dimensions Looks Awesome

I saw this trailer for the upcoming video game Spider-Man: Dark Dimensions over on Topless Robot today and it’s got me pretty excited about the game. Going to the incredibly deep well of alternate Spider-Man universes is such a good idea, I’m surprised that no one has thought of it for another video game. You can see the basic Spidey and Spider-Man Noir in this trailer with two other dimensions mentioned. Rob said he’d heard it might be 2099 which seems pretty reasonable and likely, but what could the fourth be? I’m wondering if 1602 might be on the plate? Heck, maybe even Spider-Man Unlimited, anyone else remember that animated series that tried to Batman Beyond Spider-Man?

In addition to this being a superhero game, which I’m always interested in, the Spider-Man video game franchise has been a love/hate one for me for years. There was that bad X-Men/Spidey NES game, then Maximum Carnage for Sega which I loved. Jump ahead to the PS and PS2 with the first two Spider-Man movie games. The first one was great and the second is one of my all time favorite games (as I mentioned when I talked about Crackdown), but after that things went downhill. Ultimate Spider-Man seemed like it would be cool with it’s comic book art style, but it actually cut out a lot of what made Spider-Man 2 so fun and cool. From there I was out, but this one looks good, even if it does seem to ape Arkham Asylum a little too much.

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