Lost Thoughts: The Package

Okay, so I’m sick and not feeling all that well right now so maybe that clouded my thoughts on this week’s episode. I get that it’s an epic-builder (an episode needed to move the story along that might not be super interesting right now). Part of the reason is that I’ve found Sun pretty boring from the beginning. She’s just been following other people all over the jungle and it’s not very interesting. Yawn. I did like some things though.

Seeing the portable pylons set up was cool, as was Woodmore saying he knows who Non Locke is from myth and whatnot. I really wish they’d just say what the hell his name is. I know the writers (according to the official Lost podcast) just call him Locke in the script, but how much freaking longer are we going to have to wait?

The flashsideways was interesting enough. I was worried that knowing what Sayid did in Sundown, would cut the legs out from under this episode and it did to some extend, but the real interesting bits were that Sun’s dad wanted Jin dead. I guess that’s interesting. Kinda? I’m still not sure how or if I care about the flashsidewayses. I’m sure I will by the time the whole thing’s said and done, but that doesn’t make for good sequential storytelling.

Let’s see, what else? Oh, did Sayid–who now feels nothing, which is cool and Ben-like–swim around the entire Hydra island? Also, how did the people bringing Desmond out of the sub not see him. He was floating RIGHT THERE.

Seeing Desmond again was…okay? You knew he had to be back (his name was in the credits all season), but I kind of wanted him to be okay and not get sucked back in. I’m not exactly sure what purpose he’ll serve and, being sick, I don’t really care right now.

Here’s to the rest of the season being war-filled and crazy town!

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