Lost Thoughts: Happily Ever After

After last week’s kind of boring episode, I really enjoyed this week’s episode even though it took place primarily in Dimension X. Here’s my main thoughts:

About 5 minutes into this episode I realized/theorized that Widmore’s trying to bring Faraday back and expected the episode to be more about that. He is the constant after all.

I’ve got dueling Dimension X theories springing from this episode. 1) Dimension X is some kind of Matrix-like “program” keeping the Losties in a better reality thanks to the Man In Black. I wonder if the reality outside of that is all dark and desolate. This theory popped up earlier in the episode before we got some more info.

2) The Dimension X timeline is reality. It happened. Faraday and company are going to put an end to it because it shouldn’t exist and then that will kick over into the beginning of this season in the main timeline.

Hmm, let’s see. This episode featured Widmore (anyone else notice the justice scale in his office with what looked like white and black stones), Eloise, Fisher Stevens, Penny and Charlie. Good to see them all.

It was awesome seeing an actual connection between the regular timeline and Dimension X finally. I wonder what it is about love that seems to break down the boundaries.

Next week looks like a Hurley episode! After a rocky start, I’ve been slowly making my way through Jorge Garcia and his girlfriend’s Geronimo Jack’s Beard podcast which has gotten way better. They even got Ben to come on for an episode and I think there are a few more coming and ones I haven’t seen yet.

What’d you guys think of Happily Ever After?

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