Roseanne Comics Cavalcade: Peter Cannon Thunderbolt

This one’s kind of a double whammy with a DC Peter Cannon Thunderbolt poster over Jackie Collins’ right shoulder and an Animal Man promo poster below that. As per usual, though, I had a bitch of a time trying to find the Animal Man poster and gave up. I did succeed in getting the Thunderbolt one though.I remember this book coming out and have the first issue (probably form a multipack or grab bag or something) but don’t know a lot about the storyline. I did just read an article with Thunderbolt creator Pete Morisi in Comic Book Artist #9 from TwoMorrows which I highly recommend picking up as it focuses on Charlton Comics specifically. The episode of Roseanne is from season five and is called “First Cousin, Twice Removed” in which Collins plays Roseanne’s cousin who tells Darlene she can move out to New York to go to art school if she wants. This gets Darlene and David to apply to art schools in NY and Chicago, neither of them get into NY, but Darlene gets accepted to Chicago. I should be embarrassed of my intense Roseanne knowledge, but I am not.

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