Lost Thoughts: Everbody Loves Hugo

Hey gang, tonight’s episode spotlighted one of my favorite characters, Hurley in the regular and “Dimension X” timelines. I dug the episode as it gave a good mixture of answers and moved the plot along towards its conclusion. Here’s my thoughts followed by a crapper marker drawing of what I think the timeline for Lost is like now.

It really sounded like Michael’s appearance was preceded by the smoke monster sounds. The missus says it’s the Others music. Neither makes sense.

I’m not surprised Ilana exploded, what the hell was she packing that bag so full for?

I knew Hurley hadn’t changed his mind about Black Rock. I wonder who he’s talking to now?

Gotta love Ben wondering what happens to the rest of them when the island is done with them.

Oh man, Libby’s still nuts in Dimension X, but she might only be nuts because she knows the truth about this universe.

It was awesome seeing Dimension X Hurley see the main universe thanks to Libby. I’m also glad they kind of got to have their beach picnic date.

I like the explanation of the ghost noises and that some people like Michael can’t leave the island even as ghosts. I guess that explains why it sounded kind of Smoke Monstery in the beginning.

So now the groups are changing even more. You’ve got Richard leading Miles and Ben and Non Locke leading crazy Claire, Emotionless Sayid, played both sides Sawyer and waiting until Jack comes along Kate. Meanwhile Hurley’s leading Jack, Lapidus and Sun to Non Locke’s camp. And of course, Desmond’s in a well and Jin’s with Widmore’s people.

Can’t say I’m surprised about Non Locke tossing Desmond down the well, but I was totally down for Dimension X Desmond hitting Dimension X Locke WITH HIS CAR! Think about it, Locke doesn’t have anyone from the main timeline he loves who can show him the “real world.”

Has Jack seen Non Locke yet?Okay, so I was too lazy to scan it and took a pic with my phone, plus it’s done in marker and my handwriting is terrible, so I’ll walk you through it. The plane crashes in 2004. The Losties are there for three years, then time travel starts, eventually moving folks back to 1977 where they succeed in setting off an atomic bomb. The bomb undoes their presence there, but is still set off (time paradox?) resulting in an alternate timeline I’ve been calling Dimension X thanks to the weird spacing in the LA X two part season opener. In Dimension X the plane doesn’t crash and people seem to be living an okay life with differences we’ve been chalking up to either their lack of interaction with Jacob or their never going to/leaving the island. But, as we discovered in last week’s Happily Ever After, people who were in love in the regular timeline still have some kind of connection which possibly tells them Dimension X shouldn’t exist. I’m guessing that there will be some even in Dimension X which either undoes the nuke blast in 1977 (maybe they time travel and make it a dud?) or undoes X in some way which dumps everyone and their things (the van) in 2007 where they’re now dealing with Widmore, Non Locke and weather they should blow things up or not. So, when the season ends, we’ll basically get the end to two different storylines, the Dimension X one which directly lead into the beginning of this season and the regular one which will officially end the show.

5 thoughts on “Lost Thoughts: Everbody Loves Hugo

  1. Desmond hitting Locke with his car in Dimension X, adds more validity to the theory that Dimension X is the future when/if UnLocke gets off the island and is parading around as John Locke who is dead. Somehow UnLocke has made them all forget about their “past” on the island and has reset the world as they know it to be like they never crashed, only real Locke is still dead and evil rules the earth… I’m just sayin’ :o)

    I think it’s also important to note, that when UnLocke asks Desmond if he knows who he is, he says “yeah, you’re John Locke.” I think he is referring to Dimension X John Locke and not regular, dead John Locke, which, again, is why he hit him with a car in X.

    Okay I’m done spouting my crazy now…

      1. Thanks, it started worming its way into my brain a few weeks back, then really started taking form with last week’s episode.

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