Live Blogging Big Bang Theory “The Spaghetti Catalyst”

Ugh. After what seems like a long drought of Big Bang Theory episodes we get one that’s not so great. The problem isn’t really in the episode’s story, but in the fact that it seems like Penny and Leonard have broken up for real. As a long time fan, this definitely pisses me off because it seems like the break up was more writer-directed than character driven. Anyway, the episode finds Sheldon bouncing back and forth between Leonard and Penny, with depressed Leonard hanging out with Raj. Howard just kind of disappears. Anyway, hit the jump for the live blog. *Haha, Sheldon’s glad that he and Penny are still friends because he’s taken the time to allow her into his life. Though, it sounds like her and Leonard are on the rocks.

*”You’re just coitusing with me aren’t you?” – Penny. “Bazinga” – Sheldon

*Aww, Sheldon wants to erase Ben Affleck as Daredevil.
*Howard explains to Sheldon that he’s either on Team Leonard or Team Penny. Sheldon says he usually gets picked last unless there’s a kid in a wheel chair.

* Nice Star Sapphire Lantern T-shirt Sheldon. You can buy one here.
*”Jews don’t have hell, they have acid reflux.” – Howard

*Sheldon’s going to have dinner with Penny, but Leonard already got him carry out. Seeing him try and pull a Jack Tripper should be interesting.

*”If we were the Justice League, I’d be Aquaman.” – Raj
*Sheldon stuffs hot dogs down his pants so Penny can put them in the pasta. Then he gets stuck walking outside with Howard and a dog chases him because of those hot dogs.

*I wonder if this is the first time we’ve seen Howard and Sheldon alone.

*Leonard and Raj are just hanging out when Raj tells him he hasn’t had sex in a year. “Where are you going with this Raj?” – Leonard.  “I’m not that desperate dude.” – Raj

*Penny feels terrible because Leonard’s been crying over her.

*”Oh lord I’m in Jewish hell.” – Sheldon after Penny goes to get the cheesecake for desert.

*Haha, Sheldon’s mom called Penny to take Sheldon shopping for sheets and towels. He’s like the kid in a divorce.

*Good question Raj if ElastiWoman from The Incredibles can be her own diaphragm.
*Penny took Sheldon to Disneyland. Now it’s getting awkward between mom and dad.

*So, they really are breaking up. Nice try and the friends with benefits thing Leonard.

2 thoughts on “Live Blogging Big Bang Theory “The Spaghetti Catalyst”

  1. And I liked this episode. It wasn’t the top, nevertheless it helped me not dislike Sheldon, and that is always a good thing.

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