This Week’s Self Serving Links

Whew, I know it’s only Monday, but I wanted to post some of my links before I forget.

As I mentioned recently, I’ve been doing some daily news work for’s The Goods. That’s changed recently into some pretty exciting stuff that includes a daily feature called WTF Star Wars?! that will spotlight something cool, weird or truly awful from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Today’s involves a baby hole in the Death Star. Keep an eye out for weekly lists as well and hopefully more stuff that’s in the works.

I also had another list go up on ToplessRobot called 9 Exceedingly Reboot Ready Franchises.

And, as always, has been keeping me busy with stories on Iron Man’s best costumes, Iron Man’s top 10 action figures, more Iron Man 2 stuff from Sideshow and Sideshow’s brand new Black Panther and Carnage statues.

Plus, as usual, I did my Maxim TV column called We Like To Watch for this week.

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