Lost Thoughts: “The Candidate”

Whew, ain’t that a kick in the pants? Big time SPOILERS if you didn’t watch tonight’s episode “The Candidate.” Damn, a lot happened this time around. Let’s just jump right into my thoughts:

Dimension X Jack seems to be catching on to the connections between his fellow travelers. Him digging further into Dimension X Locke’s past both shows his inability to not help people and also gives us more information about how Dimension X Locke got in his wheelchair.

It’s funny, as soon as I saw Jin and Sun getting reacquainted I said something like “Okay, enough of them.” And then, well, they got whacked.

There was a lot of craziness this episode with Jack getting Sawyer’s crew out of jail, that group joining back up with Locke’s group, everyone heading to the Ajira plane, there being a bomb and then all the craziness on the sub. I had a question mark as to why Locke insisted they go to the sub after he took the explosives off the plane, but his plans were made pretty clear afterwards, though potentially killing the pilot probably wasn’t such a great idea.

It’s crazy that we haven’t seen Richard, Ben or Miles in so many episodes. What are those guys doing?! Have they teamed up with Desmond yet?

Kate got shot, kinda wish she would have died, it would have been pretty damn dramatic.

I called that Non Locke switched bags with Jack and then realized he grabbed the watch to make a timer. Jack was right that it wouldn’t hurt them (at least the candidates) and this one’s all on Sawyer’s shoulders. You got Sayid, Jin, Sun and probably Lapidus killed.

It’s funny that Sayid was compared to Martian Manhunter for a brief time around the Brave New World stuff (maybe that’s just what me and my friends wanted MM to be like actually) and then his death happened so quickly, just like MM’s in Final Crisis. Compressed storytelling!

It might sound dumb after seeing three main characters die in just a few minutes, but I really hope Lapidus washes up down the line.

I actually felt a little verklempt after watching Jin and Sun drown together. That was rough. The missus calls shenanigans for Sun not saying something about their daughter.

Seeing Hurley and Kate crying over their dead friends was pretty sad.

Okay, I know this is dumb, but I only have one mystery that I kind of expected to get solved by now: when they were time hopping, there was that canoe choice leaving from the main base camp and someone got shot. Who was that? I figured it would have been someone important, but I wonder if it just got discarded because of the very few episodes still left. I’d still like to find out why the food was still being dropped and what the real world’s relationship was with the island (who dropped the food? did Dharma know all their people had been killed and the others took over or was the transition so seamless that no one cared?), but don’t expect any of that to get answered. A boy can dream can’t he?

4 thoughts on “Lost Thoughts: “The Candidate”

  1. I was sure somebody was getting shot in a canoe tonight too.

    I actually found it weirdly refreshing(?) that Sun didn’t bring up their daughter just because I *assumed* she would. Her saying somebody needing to raise the kid and Jin reluctantly leaving her seemed like the obvious route, so I was glad they went another way, devastating as it was. I also kinda feel like it’s more of a TV/movie cliche thing to be in a situation like that with your spouse and you bring up your kid, whereas I feel like in real moments of tragedy, it’s human nature to think about yourselves.

    And I don’t think Lapidus is getting up.

    1. Realistically, dude would most likely be dead, but I gotta think they need someone to fly the plane. Assuming anyone gets off alive! The lyrics to Iron Maiden’s “Run to the Hills” is rocking my mind right now.

  2. It may be more a matter of staying alive as opposed to getting out alive, you get me?

    …and by that I mean whoever lives may just have to stay on the fucking island.

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