Lost Thoughts: “What They Died For”

Hey gang, sorry for the lack of posts this weekend, the missus and I went to our five year college reunion and are now spending some time in Toledo before heading westward for a wedding, hence the lack of posting on Big Bang Theory (I missed it). But we did get a chance to watch Lost with my folks who were gracious enough to sit quietly–and I’m sure confusedly–while we watched this crazy episode. I’m writing this the next day which I rarely do, but here are my Lost Thoughts heading into the finale.

Even though I figured Jack would be the one who takes Jacob’s spot, I kind of wanted it to be Sawyer. I know Jack’s the main character, but it would have been more dramatically satisfying for me personally to see Sawyer do it to make up for his sins.

The Dimension X stuff was nuts. Desmond really is the catalyst in both dimensions. I figured pretty early on that the whole gang would end up at Jack’s son’s recital, but didn’t know how. Thanks to Desmon and Hurley, it was all pretty easy and bloodless, something we’re not used to seeing on Lost.

Where’s Desmond?!

Miles was fantastic in this episode. I was hoping early on that Lapidus would wash up (and maybe he still will), but I’m glad we still had our audience relation character. “I’ll be running through the woods” (or whatever it might have been) was such a fantastic line. Plus, I liked the early interactions between him and Ben when they were making their way to Dharmaville. I wonder if Alex said something to Miles.

What the heck happened to Richard? Smokey can’t kill him right, so maybe he just knocked the crap out of him.

Non Locke killing the Tina Fey lookalike and Ben shooting Widmore was all very gratifying. I knew Ben wouldn’t let him live. I like seeing bad Ben again and it’s pretty cool to see him teamed up with Non Locke.

As usual I’m sure I have forgotten many aspects of the episode that I liked, but I liked the episode a lot. It was rough seeing everyone mourn Jin and Sun, but it was nice to get some explanation regarding the names on the wall, why Kate was crossed off and what the deal with the island is. I don’t expect them to go back to the beginning of time to explain EXACTLY what the island is, but I bet we’ll get a little more info before things are through. We’re flying back pretty early on Sunday, but I’m still a little worried that our flights will get delayed and we’ll miss something. It’s times like this I wish we had DVR (also so I could catch up on BBT and Fresh Meat 2 which I will be missing tonight as well).

3 thoughts on “Lost Thoughts: “What They Died For”

  1. We can talk LOST at the wedding. I know I’m driving back early on Sunday so I can watch the finale, so excited.

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