So Fresh & So Meat Episode 6

Whoo! I’ve been pretty busy this week trying to pack two weeks worth of work into four days before leaving on Friday for a tour of the Midwest, which explains the lack of posting recently. But, I’ve been taking breaks to watch some of my favorite shows and one of those, obviously, is Fresh Meat II. And while the alliance I’m favoring didn’t walk away with anything but egg on their collective faces, it was a pretty big game changer (or at least it could be). The incredibly cunning Wes screwed up both in his strategy during the challenge and then again during the deliberation. Hit the jump to read the full live blog. *Uh oh, Wes is grilling CJ and Sydney for information about the exile they didn’t do. Surprisingly, CJ had some of the details down. Wes is catching on because Sydney doesn’t want to answer the questions.

*Jenn says she’s playing the middle. Her and Ryan are talking. Don’t worry about it, neither of you will be there in the end. Noor’s just golfing.

*Now Wes is telling Ev about CJ and Sydney tripping over their lies and are going in to confront him. CJ spills the beans and tells them why they lied, but now Wes’s alliance doesn’t trust him.

*Luckily, CJ’s a pretty good competitor and has a good chance of sticking around.

*Haha, now Kenny’s talking to Ryan about loyalty. Kenny thinks he has the power to sway things, but we’ve seen no evidence of that so far. Of course, winning the final challenge helps!

*The challenge revolves around like a mill wheel (or turnstyle as it’s called) with one pair on each of the four sections trying to push their log around 180 degrees. Kenny and Laurel gets to choose the draft order. Two heats.

*Kenny & Laurel & Jillian & Pete. Ryan & Teresa vs. Landon & Carley. Jenn & Noor vs. Ev & Luke.

*Actually, at first, the two teams are teamed up against the other two teams.

*Round 1 is Kenny/Laurel and Pete/Jillian pushing against Landon/Carley and Ryan/Teresa. At 7 minutes everything stops dead for over 2 minutes. Holy crap. It went past an hour so one person from each team leaves. Of course, all the girls step out and it’s up to the dudes.

*DAMMIT! Kenny & Pete win.

*Ev turns around and basically pushes for the other team so Wes & CJ are left in. They’ve got the two guys on one log and the two guys on another.

*I don’t think this is such a good idea. They thought Wes and CJ would be able to knock it out, but there’s no counterbalance and the girls are losing it big time.

*Once again Pete/Jillian and Kenny/Laurel win.

*Ev’s shocked, but the team was jacked up.

*Now Pete and Jillian are talking with Kenny and Laurel. They’ve decided to throw it so that Pete and Jillian win, which means Kenny and Laurel could be thrown into exile. The thinking being that Jillian and Pete would have no hope of coming back from exile which would kill their alliance.

*This should be an interesting one. Pete and Jillian get to choose team and then the mob chooses the rest, so they’ve got no idea whether the team P&J chooses will be going up against Kenny and Laurel or not.

*This would be a great opportunity for Wes or Ev to go in up against Kenny. This could be huge!

*So Ev and Wes want to send Landon against CJ or tell them that and then throw Kenny in. I’m confused.

*I know Ev and Wes are scared about their spots, but CJ and Laurel are going to be exhausted the next day.

*Now they’re trying to get Landon to vote CJ in, but they’re boys.

*Now Wes is trying to get Kenny to help him throw CJ and Landon against each other. Of course, Kenny doesn’t trust Wes, which makes sense. Kenny agrees to talk to Jillian and Pete. Kenny says he agrees shaking hands and saying “You beter not screw me.”

*Pete blurts out Landon’s name. So they’re going in. Let’s see how the rest of the voting goes. EVERYONE votes CJ and Sydney in.

*Haha, both Landon and Sydney talk about how tough it is with this game and all the sneakiness and questioning if they want to come back. YOU COME BACK FOR THE MONEY!

*Whether they know it or not, this was a good strategic move because Landon and CJ had talked about potentially forming their own alliance.

*Landon is upset because he and Wes had an agreement, but Wes didn’t call him in, the other team did.

*Now Kenny’s people are pissed because they didn’t know what was going on and they’re pissed he made a deal with Ev.

*Kenny has a good point because whoever comes back will not be on Wes and Ev’s side.

*Haha, now Wes and Ev are trying to make nice with CJ and Landon because they know one of them will be coming back. Nice try.

*Let’s be honest Ev, you’ve lied to plenty of people in these challenges.

*Seeing Kenny’s alliance in a room and then Wes and Ev’s, things are looking pretty bad for Wes and Ev, especially with Ryan bouncing back and forth. They really screwed the pooch this episode with their first glimpses of crappy planning from the challenge to the vote.

*Jenn just said that she’s been on Wes’s side the whole time, did we know that? It’s hard keeping track of all the side alliances and what not.

*CJ & Sydney vs. Landon & Carley. They can distribute the weight however they want, but they’re using racks across their back.

*At the first puzzle (which has no time limit), Landon and Carley finish it first then pick up their weight. CJ and Sydney are biting it pretty early.

*Landon and Carley are hurting from the previous challenge. It seems like Landon and Carley get to the second puzzle before CJ and Sydney finish the first (this could be editing though). They get to drop 30 pounds.

*CJ and Sydney spend over 32 minutes on the first puzzle.

*Landon and Carley kill the 3rd puzzle. The other team’s been there for 37 minutes.

*Landon and Carley get to drop the weight but continue on while CJ and Sydney seemingly didn’t get off the first puzzle.

*It took CJ and Sydney over an hour to do the first puzzle. For some reason, they still had to finish the whole thing. It took them over 2 hours. Now TJ Lavin’s being a dick. Pretty full of himself for a guy who RIDES A BIKE FOR A LIVING. And does he even still do that?

*It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the dynamics back in the house.

*Oh Ev, shut up. Stop asking if you can be friends again. Landon needs to use Wes and Ev as much as everyone else wants to use them.

*Carley says that if they win the next challenge, she wants to send Wes in.

*Now Ryan’s saying he wants to finish with “his friends.”

*Haha, Jenn’s talking about flipping too.

*Pete says that his entire alliance has decided to send Wes in to the exile. Good move.

*It’s funny how Kenny claims to have pulled Wes’ alliance apart, when it’s a fairly recent development.

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