Live Blogging Big Bang Theory “The Lunar Excitation”

I’m still bummed that I missed last week’s episode which sounds like it was a pretty good origin story from what I’ve seen. Hopefully CBS will rerun it soon enough because for some damn reason they don’t have full episodes online which is infuriating. Anyway, tonight’s episode was pretty fun. Not only do we get a glimmer of hope that Leonard and Penny will get back together, but Mayim Bialik also had her first episode. I will say that this felt nothing like a season finale, but it does make me excited for next season. Anyway, hit the jump for the full live blog. *Haha, Raj’s new Grey’s Anatomy is The Good Wife.
*The guys are bouncing lasers off the moon and Sheldon’s worried about getting moon burn. BAZINGA!

*Leonard’s gonna try and patch things up with Penny.

*Ooh, Penny’s new man friend is pretty stupid. He said you can’t bounce stuff off the moon because there’s no gravity and that there’s a science to designing the Cheesecake Factory menu.

*And the dummy’s worried about the moon blowing up thanks to lasers being bounced off of it.

*This dude’s a pretty excellent quote factory.

*”Preparing to fire laser at the moon.” – Howard. “Make it so.” – Sheldon.
*”He must be very skilled at coitus.” – Sheldon.

*”The only way to feel better about Penny is to get back on the whores.” – Raj

*Raj thinks it would be fun to sign Sheldon up for online dating.

*Penny’s mad at Leonard because now she realizes how stupid her boyfriends are and she’s drunkenly complaining to him about it after her party. “You have destroyed my ability to tolerate idiots.” – Penny. And then she drags him into his bedroom.

*I share Sheldon’s distaste for pulpy orange juice.

*”Incidentally, one can get beat up in high school just for referring to one self as one.” – Sheldon.

*Haha, apparently Penny uses “yee haw” while getting laid.

*Aww, Leonard feels bad that Penny ran out so quickly.

*”I have no difficulty believing you are not butter.” – Sheldon to the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.
*Double aww, Penny doesn’t want to get back together with Leonard.

*”That’s it? Wham bam thank you Leonard?” – Leonard.

*The dating site found a match for Sheldon.

*What is that Batman thing on the oven?
*There’s a Superman Camelot Falls The Weight of the World trade on the coffee table with a Carlos Pacheco cover and a Catwoman: When In Rome book on the desk.
*Leonard’s going back to Leslie for a booty call. And she denied him like whoa.

*Haha, Sheldon coined the term prevening for the time between afternoon and evening.

*Now they’re trying to convince him it would be scientific and that even Spock had a date every 7 years thanks to Pon farr.
*Ooh, well played Raj. He hid a dirty sock somewhere in the apartment and he needs to meet the girl or else Raj won’t remove it.

*Now drunken Leonard is trying to have sex with Penny, but she just pushes him away.

*I love Sheldon’s Justice League T-shirt especially because it includes Dr. Fate and Firestorm. Buy it from Graphtiti Designs for me if you’re feeling generous.
*Hey, it’s Blossom! Welcome to the cast. They are creepily similar. Haha, she wants to drink tepid water. They’re a match made in creepy geek heaven.

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