So Fresh & So Meat Episode 9

This was a pretty intense episode thanks to some clever editing and show compiling thanks to the MTV folks. It kicks off with the results of the previous episode’s exile, then goes into the challenge which will decide not only who will going to the exile, but also which three out of four teams will definitely be moving on to the finale.

*That’s right, we’re waiting to see if Ev and Luke or Landon and Carley win the exile. Neither were doing very well last episode.

*So Ev and Luke are waiting at the finish line, but there’s five minutes left. Landon and Carley get to the part where they can drop their weight and it seems like the might still be in it. Carley’s still looking like a zombie, though, so it doesn’t look too good.

*Of course, they don’t let us know right away. JUST TELL US TJ! Okay, Landon and Carley won it, but let’s be honest, Carley’s weak as shit and has no business being around still. Though, frankly, neither do Jenn or Ryan.

*Ev’s having a hissy fit, throwing stuff and blame Luke. Of course, Ev was the one who told them to skip the puzzle.

*Man, I wonder who Luke was supposed to be paired with originally. Is that information out there anywhere?

*Haha, now TJ’s giving Ev shit for giving Luke such trouble. Ev still thinks it’s not her fault. Keep telling yourself that, loser.

*You better start worrying Jenn and Ryan, even a tired ass Landon and Carley will whup the shit out of you.

*Landon and Carley are in a weird place for the next challenge because they’re going to be tired and will most likely be thrown into the next exile, but if they win the challenge they can send two of Kenny’s alliance teams in and cut down on some of their competition. Or, they might exhaust themselves trying to win, get sent into the exile again and loose because they’re tired AND Carely’s a zombie.

*Kenny says it’s up to Ryan and Jenn to decide who between the two of them will go into the exile. Of course, the dummies don’t realize that if one of them win they could throw Kenny and Laurel in against Landon and Carley.

*Landon’s understandably nervous about Carley’s performance, but the funny thing is that everyone else think she’s pretty tough, so there’s an unearned intimidation factor that that can work in her favor, unless she’s actually put to the test and fails again.

*Ooh, well played Landon, he’s trying to talk Ryan and Jenn into taking on each other instead of him and Carley because they’ll have a better chance of beating each other as opposed to him and Carley.

*I want Landon to win and then do what he can to send in Pete and Jillian and Kenny and Laurel. That would be sick. Then Landon can easily win the finale.

*Let’s be real Jenn and Ryan, worrying about what might happen if either of you win is probably not something you need to concern yourself with.

*Whoa, Noor’s breathing through the kind of thing I used to use when I had Reactive Airway Disease. Apparently he’s got bad asthma brought on by cold weather.

*That’s right, today’s challenge is a half mile obstacle course with 10 mini challenges. The tenth part involves a player from the opposite team trying to physically stop you from crossing the line. Top three fastest times are completely safe and the bottom two have to go into the exile.

*Since Jenn and Noor won the last challenge, they get to choose the order. Noor wants to go last. Ryan & Theresa are first, then Landon & Carley, Jill & Pete, Kenny & Laurel and then Jenn and Noor. The pairs go at the same time, but don’t have to do the challenges at the same time.

*The first thing is a sprint, then a tree climb you climb lumberjack style, then something called Bridge the Gap which involves crossing two 2x4s, then a crawl under a net, then going through a giant spider web, then some ladder over mud, then moving a bunch of logs from one place to another, then busting through some walls and finally ending up in the face off.

*Ryan’s doing pretty well and doesn’t seem to be getting tired, but Theresa seems to be starting to struggle.

*Like Landon said, it’s hard to tell what’s going on for the other teams because everything’s so far away.

*Ryan goes up against Landon in the face off and he’s all exhausted. Meanwhile, Theresea goes up against Theresa. Carley doesn’t do much to stop, but Landon pretty much wrecks Ryan.

*Now Landon and Carley are up. Hopefully he didn’t tire out knocking Ryan down and Carley doesn’t choke.

*Carley’s saying how supportive Landon is, but Landon’s wondering why she’s not faster.

*Landon and Carley will be going up against Pete and Jillian. Neither offer up much opposition.

*Now it’s Jillian and Pete. They seem to struggle with the wood rolling. They’re going up against Kenny and Laurel in the face off. Kenny says he’s gonna take it easy on Pete and then he does. Laurel doesn’t take it easy on Jill though. Laurel’s knocking Jill over as she’s trying to stand up. It’s pretty hard core.

*Jill ends up just crawling across the finish line. Laurel still kind of nudges her. It’s hilarious. I might not like this girl, but she’s tough as nails.

*Kenny and Laurel are up now. Haha, he almost completely loses his pants on the bridge. Laurel and Kenny will be facing up against Jenn and Noor. Noor grabs Kenny and just keeps knocking his ass down. Jenn doesn’t do a whole lot.

*It’s dark by the time Jenn and Noor go. And now, Ryan and Theresa are going up against Noor and Jenn. Noor takes off like a bat out of hell and falls. He gets by Ryan the next try. Now it’s Jenn and Theresa and Theresa keeps knocking her down.

*That was pretty intense, now what are the standings? 1-Kenny and Laurel. 2-Landon and Carley. 3rd and 4th were only separated by 2 seconds.

*Of course, they cut to a commercial…Jill and Pete were in 3rd. 4-Jenn and Noor. 5-Ryan and Theresa.

*Jenn’s flipping out about loosing.

*TJ makes it sound like the exile might be tonight.

*I know Pete and Jill have done a lot, but they seemed like non-characters.

*Oooh, Jenn and Pete have a little thing going on.

*Haha, Landon’s feeling bad for them. Dude, RELAX!

*Yup, they got home after the challenge, packed and are heading to the exile. Another night one. They show the two teams getting there, but it’s 10:58, so that will clearly be the beginning of the next episode.

*And there’s the “To Be Continued”

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