So Fresh & So Meat: Reunion

Now it’s reunion team, which was weirdly preceded by a 7-Eleven commercial with Wes and Kenny fighting over getting a gallon of milk.

*Whoa, applause definitely took a dive bomb for Mandi, Ev and Jillian from the audience. Interesting.

*Carley hasn’t really thought about the money, Landon paid of loans and bought an engagement ring. She said yes.

*Ooh, Laurel just dug at Carley for not finishing on her own. This is pretty intense.

*The host got Kenny to say “Women can be strong competitors” and the crowd cheered. Oi.

*I was right, Jenn and Noor didn’t climb the mountain. They were taken to the top in a helicopter.

*Kenny’s talking big, saying he’ll fight Wes and let him throw the first five punches. Kenny’s coming off as a douche dropping all these F-bombs and saying he could kick Wes’s ass at any time. I seriously doubt that. They should do a “celebrity boxing” thing between the two of them.

*WHOA! Pete just asked them to shut up. Awesome!

*Wow, Danny, really? You don’t think Kenny would have thrown his friends under the bus if it would have suited him? Dream on bro. Ask Paula about that. He’s still pissed at Wes.

*Of course, Ryan and Jenn don’t feel bad about playing both sides.

*Huh, after the Mandi/Jenn fight (which actually lasted a few hours!) she got to decide if Jenn got kicked out or not.

*Jesus, this host is so obvious and lame.

*The Carley/Laurel tension is crazy. Laurel’s way in your face and Carley’s not very well spoken.

*Now Jillian’s acting like she’s a top dog, saying the fresh meat girls were all jealous of Laurel.

*Ev’s talking shit about Luke again. She says he didn’t care. He’s not there to defend himself.

*Now they’re talking about Wes giving up in his exile. He says he pushed things pretty hard in the beginning, but then he gave up after realizing Ev was winning. Mandi’s YELLING at him. Wes punked out. I was right!

*Ugh, doing an hour long reunion right after doing the hour long finale is TOO MUCH. Save it for next week next time!!!

*Wes says he was broken up with Kelly Anne when he was on the show. Jenn and Pete are dating.

*Laurel made out with three people.

*Unseen footage shows Kenny and Ryan sleeping together spooning. And showering together. And the requisite amount of making out and nudity. One of the unseen clips was totally seen on the show: the toilet paper thing between Kenny and Noor.

*And apparently Ryan almost died trying to deepthroat a carrot.

*Whew, it’s finally over.

So Fresh & So Meat Episode 9

This was a pretty intense episode thanks to some clever editing and show compiling thanks to the MTV folks. It kicks off with the results of the previous episode’s exile, then goes into the challenge which will decide not only who will going to the exile, but also which three out of four teams will definitely be moving on to the finale.

*That’s right, we’re waiting to see if Ev and Luke or Landon and Carley win the exile. Neither were doing very well last episode.

*So Ev and Luke are waiting at the finish line, but there’s five minutes left. Landon and Carley get to the part where they can drop their weight and it seems like the might still be in it. Carley’s still looking like a zombie, though, so it doesn’t look too good.

*Of course, they don’t let us know right away. JUST TELL US TJ! Okay, Landon and Carley won it, but let’s be honest, Carley’s weak as shit and has no business being around still. Though, frankly, neither do Jenn or Ryan.

*Ev’s having a hissy fit, throwing stuff and blame Luke. Of course, Ev was the one who told them to skip the puzzle.

*Man, I wonder who Luke was supposed to be paired with originally. Is that information out there anywhere?

*Haha, now TJ’s giving Ev shit for giving Luke such trouble. Ev still thinks it’s not her fault. Keep telling yourself that, loser.

*You better start worrying Jenn and Ryan, even a tired ass Landon and Carley will whup the shit out of you.

*Landon and Carley are in a weird place for the next challenge because they’re going to be tired and will most likely be thrown into the next exile, but if they win the challenge they can send two of Kenny’s alliance teams in and cut down on some of their competition. Or, they might exhaust themselves trying to win, get sent into the exile again and loose because they’re tired AND Carely’s a zombie.

*Kenny says it’s up to Ryan and Jenn to decide who between the two of them will go into the exile. Of course, the dummies don’t realize that if one of them win they could throw Kenny and Laurel in against Landon and Carley.

*Landon’s understandably nervous about Carley’s performance, but the funny thing is that everyone else think she’s pretty tough, so there’s an unearned intimidation factor that that can work in her favor, unless she’s actually put to the test and fails again.

*Ooh, well played Landon, he’s trying to talk Ryan and Jenn into taking on each other instead of him and Carley because they’ll have a better chance of beating each other as opposed to him and Carley.

*I want Landon to win and then do what he can to send in Pete and Jillian and Kenny and Laurel. That would be sick. Then Landon can easily win the finale.

*Let’s be real Jenn and Ryan, worrying about what might happen if either of you win is probably not something you need to concern yourself with.

*Whoa, Noor’s breathing through the kind of thing I used to use when I had Reactive Airway Disease. Apparently he’s got bad asthma brought on by cold weather.

*That’s right, today’s challenge is a half mile obstacle course with 10 mini challenges. The tenth part involves a player from the opposite team trying to physically stop you from crossing the line. Top three fastest times are completely safe and the bottom two have to go into the exile.

*Since Jenn and Noor won the last challenge, they get to choose the order. Noor wants to go last. Ryan & Theresa are first, then Landon & Carley, Jill & Pete, Kenny & Laurel and then Jenn and Noor. The pairs go at the same time, but don’t have to do the challenges at the same time.

*The first thing is a sprint, then a tree climb you climb lumberjack style, then something called Bridge the Gap which involves crossing two 2x4s, then a crawl under a net, then going through a giant spider web, then some ladder over mud, then moving a bunch of logs from one place to another, then busting through some walls and finally ending up in the face off.

*Ryan’s doing pretty well and doesn’t seem to be getting tired, but Theresa seems to be starting to struggle.

*Like Landon said, it’s hard to tell what’s going on for the other teams because everything’s so far away.

*Ryan goes up against Landon in the face off and he’s all exhausted. Meanwhile, Theresea goes up against Theresa. Carley doesn’t do much to stop, but Landon pretty much wrecks Ryan.

*Now Landon and Carley are up. Hopefully he didn’t tire out knocking Ryan down and Carley doesn’t choke.

*Carley’s saying how supportive Landon is, but Landon’s wondering why she’s not faster.

*Landon and Carley will be going up against Pete and Jillian. Neither offer up much opposition.

*Now it’s Jillian and Pete. They seem to struggle with the wood rolling. They’re going up against Kenny and Laurel in the face off. Kenny says he’s gonna take it easy on Pete and then he does. Laurel doesn’t take it easy on Jill though. Laurel’s knocking Jill over as she’s trying to stand up. It’s pretty hard core.

*Jill ends up just crawling across the finish line. Laurel still kind of nudges her. It’s hilarious. I might not like this girl, but she’s tough as nails.

*Kenny and Laurel are up now. Haha, he almost completely loses his pants on the bridge. Laurel and Kenny will be facing up against Jenn and Noor. Noor grabs Kenny and just keeps knocking his ass down. Jenn doesn’t do a whole lot.

*It’s dark by the time Jenn and Noor go. And now, Ryan and Theresa are going up against Noor and Jenn. Noor takes off like a bat out of hell and falls. He gets by Ryan the next try. Now it’s Jenn and Theresa and Theresa keeps knocking her down.

*That was pretty intense, now what are the standings? 1-Kenny and Laurel. 2-Landon and Carley. 3rd and 4th were only separated by 2 seconds.

*Of course, they cut to a commercial…Jill and Pete were in 3rd. 4-Jenn and Noor. 5-Ryan and Theresa.

*Jenn’s flipping out about loosing.

*TJ makes it sound like the exile might be tonight.

*I know Pete and Jill have done a lot, but they seemed like non-characters.

*Oooh, Jenn and Pete have a little thing going on.

*Haha, Landon’s feeling bad for them. Dude, RELAX!

*Yup, they got home after the challenge, packed and are heading to the exile. Another night one. They show the two teams getting there, but it’s 10:58, so that will clearly be the beginning of the next episode.

*And there’s the “To Be Continued”

So Fresh & So Meat Episode 8

I’ve got to admit, I thought I wouldn’t be able to really get into this episode because I was rooting for Wes, but those feisty bastards still drew me in with a final exile cliffhanger that snuck up on me.

*I’ve lost a lot of interest with Wes out of the picture. Now it’s Kenny leading his bags of douche and Ev’s going to try and mewl in front of them in an attempt not to get sent home.

*With five teams left, alliances kind of don’t matter anymore. Laurel just said there’s only one team left they need to send home, but, duh, one of the teams you’re friendly with will still have to go home.

*What Ryan and Jenn don’t seem to realize is that they’re both pretty weak teams who have basically been kept around as fodder.

*Now Landon’s playing the game smart. He’s not going to be outwardly antagonistic towards Kenny, but he realizes that Kenny’s got two other teams to look out for, so he’s working with Ev.

*Watching Kenny and Landon try to talk strategy is pretty funny because neither of them are particularly sneaky.

*Apparently Kenny has agreed with Landon that whoever comes back after this exile won’t go into the next one before the final challenge.

*Haha, the challenge is pretty interesting. One person’s hanging in the middle like a pendulum, but the other person has to build a puzzle in the middle. So, the standing person has to keep pushing them/swinging them while also recreating the rock puzzle.

*Kenny and Laurel are up first, which is pretty hilarious to watch, especially when Kenny’s got about the whole thing finished when she busts right through it. Of course Kenny makes it out to be someone else’s fault. They do it in about 4 minutes.

*Pete and Jill go next and do it in a little over 3 minutes.

*Now it’s Jenn and Noor and they kill it in 2:22.

*Ryan and Theresa aren’t doing so well. No big shocker there. They quit when they realize their time sucks.

*Ev and Luke are up now. Wow, Ev just took Luke out pretty bad. Pretty hilarious. Luke seems to suck at lots, but I wonder if Ev’s just being mean. They DQ.

*Finally Landon and Carley are up and look like they do pretty well, but Jenn and Noor come out with the W.

*I think Noor will be coming back for more of these things. The rest seem kind of whatever.

*Wow, Jenn just said this was her first challenge win in four challenges. She SUCKS.

*Jenn and Noor are definitely picking Ev and Luke.

*Landon’s talking to Ryan about voting for Jill and Pete.

*They’re already in the room, how are they going to kill the remaining half hour?

*Luke and Ev are definitely in. Ryan bitched out and votes for Landon and Carley. So one strong team will be coming back which will potentially make it boil down to Kenny and Laurel vs. whoever comes back and one scrub team that will come in third place. Let’s be honest, Jenn and Ryan have been dead weight this whole time (it actually helped Noor win the challenge this time around actually) and Kenny will absolutely send one of them in ahead of himself before the final challenge.

*Ooh, TJ just said they better get ready right now. It’s night!

*Haha, Ev apologizing to Luke doesn’t come off as very apologetic.

*Carley seems to be losing it. She’s got no confidence and honestly, she doesn’t seem to be as good a competitor as Ev. If I were a betting dude, I’d bet on Ev and Luke, but I don’t WANT them to win.

*This is the exile that Landon and Carley already did, but it’s 50 more pounds. They don’t have to actually try the puzzles, but doing so will help cut the weight down.

*Ev and Luke finish the first puzzle first, but both teams are putting the weight in their buckets at the same time and L/C take off first.

*The whole thing being in night vision looks pretty creepy, like a horror movie.

*Ev and Luke are losing it. Landon and Carley are struggling with the weight too.

*Landon and Carley get to the second puzzle first and get it so they get to drop 30 pounds, but Carley’s walking around in a daze. She doesn’t look so good.

*Meanwhile, Ev and Luke are pretty far back, but Ev and Luke show up while he’s trying to coax her back into the game.

*This reminds me of them trying to drag Big Easy around, almost killing him.

*I think Landon is carrying all the weight for their team. That’s like 120 pounds. Carley has completely lost it. Medical people probably should be stepping in.

*Now the cameras are using actual lights instead of only night vision, it seems.

*Carley and Landon get to the next puzzle first. It’s one of those marble maze things. Carley’s still out of it, so Landon goes it alone. Ev and Luke get there while he’s still working on it and she’s sitting there.

*Ev decides not to even try, which causes some friction between her and Luke. She thinks if they stop, they’ll definitely loose to the other team.

*Landon finishes the puzzle. Carley seems drunk. He’s still carrying all the weight. Ev and Luke got to a sign that says you can remove all the weight and head to the finish and then they win.

*Ooh, apparently, solving the puzzle also takes time off your total, so Carley and Landon actually have 5 minutes to come back.

*GAH!!! To be continued?! SHENANIGANS!

*As much as I’d like to see Landon and Carley win, I wouldn’t put much faith in Carley’s ability to do much of anything in the next big challenge, another exile or the finals.

So Fresh & So Meat Episode 7

As you faithful readers out there know, I only caught the very end of Fresh Meat II Episode 7 this week, so I did something I usually don’t and watched it online. I didn’t live blog this one for that very reason (it’s hard to watch something and take notes all on one screen). Here’s my quick thoughts on the episode:

Watching the weirdness between Wes, Theresa and Ev was pretty crazy. Apparently Wes hooked up with his ex Kelley Anne right before heading to Fresh Meat and he promised not to get with anyone else.

The challenge itself looked pretty fun with them going down that crazy slide on a boogie board, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to remember the Tetris-like puzzle they had to memorize.

Landon and Carley win and decide to send Wes and his partner in. Of course, Wes and Ev saw the writing on the wall and tried to wheel and deal ahead of time as much as possible to no avail because everyone else voted Ev and Luke in. Should be a pretty epic team up, no?

The answer, unfortunately is “no” because it seems to me like Wes gave up. I’m wondering if he and Ev made a side deal that if they went up against each other, he’d weigh them down so Ev could win and she’d give at least Wes a kick back. I’ve seen a lot of these things and think I’ve got a pretty good idea as to how Wes plays the game, which is generally well, except for the last few games and I’d bet he knew something like this could happen and set up a safety net. I guess we’ll see if any info comes out in the reunion shows or whatever.

Gah, the worst part of Wes going home is that it gives Kenny more to gloat about. How friggin’ lucky are Jenn and Noor and Ryan and Theresa for being on both alliances and then just skating over to Kenny’s? Too bad Wes and Ev made so many bad decisions in Episode 6.

So Fresh & So Meat Episode 7 Mini Review

Gah, I missed out on all but the very, very end of last night’s episode of Fresh Meat II which showed Wes and Ev facing off in the exile and Wes getting sent home. I only saw the end with Ev and her partner crossing the finish line and then saw Kenny gloating which was awful. After the craziness of this week is over I’ll either catch up with a rerun next week or check out the episode on Also, I just realized that, for some reason, my live blog of last week’s episode never went up, so if you’re interested, check it out here and look for a new post about this episode after I finally see it.

So Fresh & So Meat Episode 6

Whoo! I’ve been pretty busy this week trying to pack two weeks worth of work into four days before leaving on Friday for a tour of the Midwest, which explains the lack of posting recently. But, I’ve been taking breaks to watch some of my favorite shows and one of those, obviously, is Fresh Meat II. And while the alliance I’m favoring didn’t walk away with anything but egg on their collective faces, it was a pretty big game changer (or at least it could be). The incredibly cunning Wes screwed up both in his strategy during the challenge and then again during the deliberation. Hit the jump to read the full live blog. Continue reading So Fresh & So Meat Episode 6

So Fresh & So Meat Episode 5

Damn, good stuff this week. New relationships bloomed, old friendships were tested and potentially destroy and yet there were no real upsets. The coming episodes should be pretty interesting because there’s so few people left and there’s only so many spots available in the final. Once again, I have to applaud Wes for playing the smartest game I’ve ever seen on a Challenge. He’s like the Dr. Doom of this while Kenny just keeps winning challenges. Soon, they will come to a head. Here’s a fun thought: one of Kenny’s people wins a challenge and throws Wes and his partner in, then Wes has the people vote Kenny and his partner in. Get one of them out of the game and everything else will be CHAOS!

*It cracks me up every time the old meat says these new kids are too crazy. Especially Kenny.

*Now Pete and Jenn are hooking up. So much craziness.

*”I would die for Wes.” – Danny. I completely forgot that Wes and Danny were both in Real World Austin. Danny’s breaking my heart talking about his mom passing away and listening to the tape every day.

*Wes is worried about Danny getting emotional, which puts a target on his back. Wes says it’s time for Danny to go in and he thinks he can convince him and his partner to go in the exile if Kenny wins.

*Wes’ approach is to tell Danny that the rest of the alliance doesn’t think he’s got what it takes to be around until the end, so they want him to volunteer to go into the exile so he can prove himself. Danny says that CJ should be sent in every time because he’s the new guy. Wes says that’s stupid because CJ will just change sides. Danny’s pissed and says (to the camera, not Wes) that if he does go in and makes it back, he’s jumping ship.

*I can understand Danny being upset that he wasn’t in the conversation with Landon, CJ, Ev and Wes. Whoa, Wes just said Danny’s team is the second worst.

*Jeez, now Danny says that if he goes in he wants to go in against Ryan and Theresa which goes against a deal he made last episode and his hook up.

*The challenge is kind of complicated. They’ve got to climb a rope leading up to a platform 30 feet over the lake. Then they have to cross a shaky rope bridge. THEN they both have to jump onto a punching bag and hang there for 4 minutes. If you fall the time keeps running and you just start over with the time still running. There is a 15 minute time limit.

*Kenny and Laurel choose Ev and Luke in first. Ev falls off the ladder and then fails at grabbing the punching bag. Luke gets the bag, but Ev bites it again. The time runs out on them.

*Landon and Carley are up second and get to the bag with no problem, but Carley falls and comes up just babbling. She comes back and Landon makes the jump but she falls again. DQ.

*CJ & Sydney make it to the bag too. CJ jumps and makes it, but Sydney starts freaking out, but CJ cocks the bag at an angle which makes it easy for her to grab on.

*Wes and Mandy (it’s odd that Kenny and Laurely put them so far down the list) do the same thing and don’t get DQed. Nice.

*Danny and Sandy get to the platform alright too. Danny jumps and…commercial break…he makes it then Sandy starts freaking out. Danny keeps his back to her so she can’t jump on and they get DQed.

*Now it’s Ryan and Theresa who also get the bag pretty easily and both get on the bag with no problem.

*Jenn and Noor do it with no problem.

*Jillian and Pete are up. Pete flips over on the rope ladder but keeps at it. Then Pete jumps on the bag but can’t turn it around so he tells Jillian to jump on his back.  They get DQed.

*Finally Kenny and Laurel are up and also have no problems.

*Gah! Kenny and Laurel won AGAIN?!

*So far we’ve only heard Wes’ alliance’s thoughts on who they want to go in, so Kenny’s side is a complete mystery.

*Now Danny’s talking to Ryan about how he wants to go up against him and Theresa. Personally, I’d go in against Jillian and Pete. I know they came back once, but it’s not like they’re this unbeatable juggernaut.

*Okay, let’s see who Kenny and Laurel will pick: Danny and Sandy. Huh. I would have kept their weak asses around and thrown Wes in. Seems foolish, no?

*How can Danny be pissed at Wes though? Kenny picked him. I doubt they’ve been talking.

*Hmm, everyone votes in Jillian and Pete. Wes says if Danny and Sandy can’t beat them, they don’t deserve to be there. Ev basically agrees that they need to prove themselves too.

*Jillian and Pete seem to think the exile will be exactly the same as when they went in the first time.

*They’ve got the heavy bags and a puzzle to kick things off. Danny and Sandy finish it pretty quickly and they bolt. Apparently Sandy’s good at puzzles. Jillian and Pete take a while.

*Jill’s dragging ass. Danny and Sandy seem to kill the second puzzle too.

*Danny thinks this is him doing an upset but it’s more like a test that it looks like they’re going to pass.

*Sandy and Danny bang out the third puzzle too. They’re not able to drop weight like in other exiles. After the 3rd puzzle Pete and Jill seem to be moving pretty well. After the fourth puzzle Sandy’s dragging even worse.

*Pete and Jill get to the fourth puzzle as Sandy and Danny leave. Pete takes Jill’s bag so Jill can sprint to the line. Danny doesn’t do that for Sandy who likes like she’s dying.

*Cliffhanger commercial break. Who’s gonna win?!! I’m not sure how it counts. If Jill crosses the line first does her team win? I would think both team members have to cross the finish line, but I’m not sure. I assume the commercial break will return with the car pulling up to the house, a leg coming out, possibly a crowd reaction and then a flashback to the actual finish. They seem very fond of that device this season. Maybe not, there’s only 5 minutes left.

*Haha, I was right, though it started back with the race, then went to the van then back to the race.

*Ah man, Jillian and Pete got there JUST before Danny and Sandy. I still don’t take them seriously as competitors though. That was a close one.

*I gotta say, Danny, I’m with Wes on this one. You always kind of self destruct on these things and it’s probably better to go him earlier.

*I kind of wanted Danny to come back just because it would throw some wrenches into the plan.

*Haha, Wes wants Danny to call him and apologize for “acting like an asshole.”

*At the end Ryan and Wes are talking, but Wes tells the camera he’s basically keeping Ryan around so he can have the mob throw him in for an easy win.

*And then Pete and Jenn jump into bed together.

So Fresh & So Meat Episode 4

After yesterday’s rant about how disappointing this week’s TV has been, I was definitely looking forward to tonight’s brand new episode of Fresh Meat II and it proved to be pretty great, though not in the traditional sense. Here’s the full run down!

*I can’t remember the last time one of these challenges has gone the way I wanted it to.

*Wes, Ev and Landon seems to have things pretty well figured out.

*Ah, Theresa’s angry at Kenny for telling Wes she went after Kenny first. This is interesting because her partner is Ryan who is a possible vote for Kenny.

*Haha, Danny’s getting all pissed because Pete called him on stealing the potatoes he just spent a ton of time making. Danny’s a nut. Now, he’s just picking fights with everyone, including throwing food at Wes.

*Now Danny’s yelling at Brandon, who’s not about to back down. Danny goes to go to sleep, then comes back and pushes Brandon, who pushes back, accidentally knocking Wes down. Wes looks pretty hurt, but Brandon’s still trying to go after Danny. Wes jumps up and straddles Brandon, holding him like he’s a baby.

*Wow, Kenny, calling someone hopeless and pathetic for following someone else is amazingly hilarious.

*Aww, they’re literally hugging and making up.

*I like that Wes considers this whole thing his job. That’s smart.

*The challenge is called King of the Wall. There’s a floating platform 30 yard away from land. They’ve got to climb a climbing wall with these rock-like protrusions.

*Kenny, it would actually be smarter for you to go in second or third because it’s only going to get wetter.

*Ev fell into the water but they still do it in under a minute. Landon basically shoves Carley up the thing, but they do well.

*CJ and Sydney just barely lose to Ev and Luke. Damn, Danny and Sandy came out of nowhere to get 57 seconds. Wes is shoving Mandi up too. Pretty funny. Oh shit, they got 53 seconds.

*Katelynn and Brandon blow it. Well, Katelynn really. She keeps sliding in. Her helmet keeps sliding. She slides down, hits every rock and gets pretty hurt.

*Ryan got to the top and almost fell back down the whole thing, but bounced back.

*Jenn and Noor do the ass-pushing method, but come in pretty late. Now it’s up to Jilian and Pete who just do okay.

*Finally, Kenny and Laurel are up. They race up that thing in 36 seconds, killing everyone else. It helps when you don’t have to push or drag your partner up.

*Katelynn goes to the hospital.

*Haha, now Ev’s trying to manipulate thing. She wants Kenny to think that they’re going to vote Ryan in, thinking that Kenny will let Ryan choose. Ryan’s in on it and chooses CJ and Sydney. Kenny okays it.

*So, the idea is that Kenny and Laurel will choose CJ and Sydney, then, everyone else will really vote for Jilian and Pete. Ryan just wants to get paid, yo! And he said if they save him this time, he’ll vote in their favor from here on out.

*Katelynn comes back with crutches.

*Kenny votes in CJ and Sydney. Well played Ev. I see this coming down between Ev and Wes in the end.

*Now, Ev flips the script and votes in Katelynn and Brandon. Wah wah.

*Haha, good point Brandon, if you’re partner’s too injured you might as well party tonight and not show up tomorrow.

*But now Sydney’s saying they should show up and at least let CJ and Sydney see what the exile is like. Katelynn’s cool with it.

*Ryan’s trying to smooth things over between Wes and Theresa. Now they’re okay again and Wes is waxing romantic.

*Haha, so Brandon gets toasted and walks around the house mostly naked and drunk. Well played sir. Haha, dude even has a few beers before heading to the exile.

*So, they all show up to the exile, Brandon’s drunk and hungover, Katelynn’s on crutches and TJ’s asking them if they’re good to go. There’s only 8 minutes left, so unless this exile involves land mines and Sydney or CJ make  a misstep, we’ll be watching a sped up version of the finale with the inevitable meet up back at the house.

*Hmm, after the commercial they just cut to CJ and Sydney coming home. From what they’re saying, it sounds like they got stopped after Katelynn and Brandon stopped.

*Haha, what really happened is that Brandon got DQed for drinking ahead of time!

*I wonder why they decided to lie. Ah, as CJ explain, it puts them a few rungs higher on the ladder.

*Now, back at the house, CJ’s getting grilled by Wes and he’s flat out lying.

*CJ and Landon are talking now about how they’re not real sure about Wes and that alliance, even potentially talking about starting an alliance of their own, wondering if anyone would join them. The problem with such a big alliance is that, at some point, it has to fall apart or get pared down.

So Fresh & So Meat: Episode 3

Sweet Christmas, this was a great episode. You’ve got a pretty great surprise combination in the exile and even better stuff all around. Just read the live blog!!!

*Aww Kenny, you think Paula and Ryan are your friends? That’s cute.

*It’s smart to keep Paula around because she’s easy to take out. Good thinking Wes and his team.

*Ugh, there’s still nonsense between Wes and Kenny over Theresea who seems to be in Wes’s camp now.

*Ooh, there’s conflict between Paula and her partner Jeff. Paula would be WISE to get down with Wes. Kenny’s a sinking ship.

*The challenge of them going across an elevated platform with hanging sticks is crazy and has been in every preview of the series. Landon and his partner get to pick who goes first and they put Kenny and his partner. Unfortunately they get across pretty damn quickly.

*Damn, Paula, Jilian and Ryan get DQed which takes out most of Kenny’s constituents.

*Jenn and Noor are the next team to not get DQed.

*Katelynn and her partner get DQed, so does Danny and his partner.

*Haha, of course Wes bitches about the ladies screwing things up for the dudes.

*CJ and Sydney seem to be doing well until she falls.

*Ugh, Wes thinks he can put Mandi on his back and swing across which puts thm out immediately.

*Now Ev and Pete are booking ass across the course.

*Landon and his partner are DQed.

*Damn, Kenny and Laurel won it. I’m guessing they put Wes and his partner in, but Wes will get everyone else to put Paula in which should be a pretty easy victory.

*Jeez, mow Ev’s partner Luke is saying how it might not be a good time for him to be thrown into the exile. SHUT UP BRO.

*Okay, Kenny and Laurel choose…of course there’s a commercial break…they send in Ev and Luke.

*Damn, now the others choose to send in. Jenn votes for Wes while everyone else is either choosing between Paula and her Partner and Landon and his partner.

*It ends up being between Ev and Luke and Paula and Jeff.

*”It’s a scary day when Kenny starts making intelligent decisions.” – Wes

*Hahahaha, Paula thinks she’s got this wrapped up. Girl, you’re the one who CRIES!

*Now Kenny’s telling Wes that Theresea tried to get with him first. Danny corroborates. That dude’s playing all sides at this point isn’t he?

*Gah, now Mandi’s getting into it with Jenn. Jenn thinks she’s hot shit because she’s Old Meat. Ah yeah, this is when Jenn punches her and most likely gets kicked  off the show. Commercial break, we shall see.

*Now Jenn is just spouting nonsense while Wes takes Mandi out of the room.

*Jenn messed up by making it personal with Wes. Now she’s a target. But Wes now tells Mandi that Jenn is actually in on his alliance with some stipulations including that Jenn and her partner will vote against Wes for two deliberations. Well played Wes.

*Wes actually made plans with Jenn before they got there to get her in on Kenny’s side. But now it’s questionable whether she’s actually playing both sides or is on Kenny’s side.

*Ev is right, it would be a disgrace to loose to Paula and Jeff. YOU ARE EV!!!

*Ryan has totally hitched his horse to the wrong post when it comes to teaming up with Paula and Kenny. Later bro.

*Come on Luke, time to prove yourself.

*Now we’re in the exile and Ev and Luke finish first. Whew. Paula and Luke finish it, but later.

*Did Paula and Jeff get to the next puzzle before Ev and Luke? Jeff bites it.

*I’m all shades of confused. I’m hoping that Ev and Luke clearly won and they’re just trying to edit in drama.

*Is it possible that Paula and her partner are ahead of Ev and her partner?

*Whoa, Ev actually picks up Luke’s heavy ass back pack. NICE!

*They’re doing that thing again where they cut the people coming back in the van and then cut back to the race itself to see who actually wins.

*YES! It was Ev and Luke!!!

*Hahah, Paula feels bad because she let Kenny down! HE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOU AT ALL PAULA!!!

*Damn you MTV and your tricky editing.


*I would even put Ev and Luke above Kenny and Mandi at this point.

*Hahah, Kenny calls Ryan and Theresea worthless.