So Fresh & So Meat Episode 8

I’ve got to admit, I thought I wouldn’t be able to really get into this episode because I was rooting for Wes, but those feisty bastards still drew me in with a final exile cliffhanger that snuck up on me.

*I’ve lost a lot of interest with Wes out of the picture. Now it’s Kenny leading his bags of douche and Ev’s going to try and mewl in front of them in an attempt not to get sent home.

*With five teams left, alliances kind of don’t matter anymore. Laurel just said there’s only one team left they need to send home, but, duh, one of the teams you’re friendly with will still have to go home.

*What Ryan and Jenn don’t seem to realize is that they’re both pretty weak teams who have basically been kept around as fodder.

*Now Landon’s playing the game smart. He’s not going to be outwardly antagonistic towards Kenny, but he realizes that Kenny’s got two other teams to look out for, so he’s working with Ev.

*Watching Kenny and Landon try to talk strategy is pretty funny because neither of them are particularly sneaky.

*Apparently Kenny has agreed with Landon that whoever comes back after this exile won’t go into the next one before the final challenge.

*Haha, the challenge is pretty interesting. One person’s hanging in the middle like a pendulum, but the other person has to build a puzzle in the middle. So, the standing person has to keep pushing them/swinging them while also recreating the rock puzzle.

*Kenny and Laurel are up first, which is pretty hilarious to watch, especially when Kenny’s got about the whole thing finished when she busts right through it. Of course Kenny makes it out to be someone else’s fault. They do it in about 4 minutes.

*Pete and Jill go next and do it in a little over 3 minutes.

*Now it’s Jenn and Noor and they kill it in 2:22.

*Ryan and Theresa aren’t doing so well. No big shocker there. They quit when they realize their time sucks.

*Ev and Luke are up now. Wow, Ev just took Luke out pretty bad. Pretty hilarious. Luke seems to suck at lots, but I wonder if Ev’s just being mean. They DQ.

*Finally Landon and Carley are up and look like they do pretty well, but Jenn and Noor come out with the W.

*I think Noor will be coming back for more of these things. The rest seem kind of whatever.

*Wow, Jenn just said this was her first challenge win in four challenges. She SUCKS.

*Jenn and Noor are definitely picking Ev and Luke.

*Landon’s talking to Ryan about voting for Jill and Pete.

*They’re already in the room, how are they going to kill the remaining half hour?

*Luke and Ev are definitely in. Ryan bitched out and votes for Landon and Carley. So one strong team will be coming back which will potentially make it boil down to Kenny and Laurel vs. whoever comes back and one scrub team that will come in third place. Let’s be honest, Jenn and Ryan have been dead weight this whole time (it actually helped Noor win the challenge this time around actually) and Kenny will absolutely send one of them in ahead of himself before the final challenge.

*Ooh, TJ just said they better get ready right now. It’s night!

*Haha, Ev apologizing to Luke doesn’t come off as very apologetic.

*Carley seems to be losing it. She’s got no confidence and honestly, she doesn’t seem to be as good a competitor as Ev. If I were a betting dude, I’d bet on Ev and Luke, but I don’t WANT them to win.

*This is the exile that Landon and Carley already did, but it’s 50 more pounds. They don’t have to actually try the puzzles, but doing so will help cut the weight down.

*Ev and Luke finish the first puzzle first, but both teams are putting the weight in their buckets at the same time and L/C take off first.

*The whole thing being in night vision looks pretty creepy, like a horror movie.

*Ev and Luke are losing it. Landon and Carley are struggling with the weight too.

*Landon and Carley get to the second puzzle first and get it so they get to drop 30 pounds, but Carley’s walking around in a daze. She doesn’t look so good.

*Meanwhile, Ev and Luke are pretty far back, but Ev and Luke show up while he’s trying to coax her back into the game.

*This reminds me of them trying to drag Big Easy around, almost killing him.

*I think Landon is carrying all the weight for their team. That’s like 120 pounds. Carley has completely lost it. Medical people probably should be stepping in.

*Now the cameras are using actual lights instead of only night vision, it seems.

*Carley and Landon get to the next puzzle first. It’s one of those marble maze things. Carley’s still out of it, so Landon goes it alone. Ev and Luke get there while he’s still working on it and she’s sitting there.

*Ev decides not to even try, which causes some friction between her and Luke. She thinks if they stop, they’ll definitely loose to the other team.

*Landon finishes the puzzle. Carley seems drunk. He’s still carrying all the weight. Ev and Luke got to a sign that says you can remove all the weight and head to the finish and then they win.

*Ooh, apparently, solving the puzzle also takes time off your total, so Carley and Landon actually have 5 minutes to come back.

*GAH!!! To be continued?! SHENANIGANS!

*As much as I’d like to see Landon and Carley win, I wouldn’t put much faith in Carley’s ability to do much of anything in the next big challenge, another exile or the finals.

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