Season Finale: Real Housewives Of New York

Yeah, it’s an old picture, but who cares? As I mentioned a few weeks ago, this season has been pretty rough what with all the catty, high school in-fighting and general craziness. Between the Jill/Bethenny feud was very one-sided, Kelly’s bouts with complete insanity, the producers trying to shoe-horn in housewives no one cares about and LuAnn’s laughable attempts at a singing career that only she and the Bravo people think is legitimate, there seems to have been more eye-rolling and head-slapping and less real life moments that make these things worthwhile (man can not live on drama alone, at least this man). Maybe some more legit moments between family members and friends not predicated on nonsense would have helped things out.

The season finale broke down into basically three parts. First off, Jill and Bethenny finally got together for lunch. Jill apologized and Bethenny accepted it, but informed Jill that she needs to take ownership of the things she’s done. It’s actually not the only time she’s told that in this episode as it happens TWICE more. Her response? “I can’t change.” Oi, good luck with making new friends.

The second part of the episode focused on LuAnn’s single release party for her incredibly terrible and auto-tuned “Money Can’t Buy You Class.” It can however buy you a producer that no one’s really ever heard of to produce a crappy song. It’s hard to tell thanks to the editing, but it actually sounds like she’s singing over (or rather under) the auto-tuned recording of her song. If you think the song is bad, just look at the video. She looks like she’s made of plastic!

The last part of the episode combines the previous two elements with Ramona and Mario’s 17 year wedding anniversary vow renewal thing. The event looked okay, I guess, and didn’t end in a train wreck like I would have expected. I still have my doubts as to whether that marriage is legit or one of convenience. I just get that vibe, you know?

The episode ended with catch-ups on all the women. None of them were all that surprising. I’m kind of looking forward to Bethenny’s show because she’s my favorite, but I might kill a puppy if I have to hear that “He liked it so much he put a ring on it” soundbite from the commercial. Will I come back next season? Yeah, most likely. I’m hooked like a junkie and the frequent reruns of all Bravo shows make it the cheapest of street drugs. Even if I vow to quit, I’ll always run into some marathon pushing me to get back into the life. I’m just weak willed that way I guess.

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