New York Housewives Season 3 Reunion Part 1

Overall the first part of the reunion was pretty uneventful. Ramona gets taken to task a bit for her “year of renewal” which was kind of lame. Bethenny talks about her marriage to Jason and her baby which had just been born 12 days earlier. Alex talks about her new attitude and her dislike of Jill. The Countess just kind of sits there and makes dumb, pointless comments.

I expected a little more Kelly craziness, but I’m guessing that will be in part 2. The closest we get is her accusing Bethenny of calling her out in the papers, though no one else even knows what she’s talking about. There’s a lot of the women accusing each other of something and then the other person saying “Oh really, I don’t remember that” and the other woman saying “I’ll have the email” “Well show it to me” “I’M ON A STAGE I DON’T HAVE IT HERE!” Okay, I added the caps to the last part, but it happened a number of times.

The reunion was pretty tame until the very end when it gets kind of dirty between Bethenny and Jill. Bethenny calls out Jill for putting her husband’s cancer diagnosis and her daughter’s weight loss camp on TV but not a talk between the two of them to make up. Jill still seems completely convinced that she’s in the clear now because she apologized. It’s like she knows she did something wrong, but doesn’t understand how she got there and thinks just saying a general sorry and “my bad” completely clears the air. That’s not how it works. Jill claims to have changed, but I don’t know if I buy it. Oop, there she goes walking off the stage.

Okay, now Kelly’s starting to talk at the very end of the episode after Jill walks off, but we get a To Be Continued. Holy crap, this is a three parter?!

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