So Fresh & So Meat: Reunion

Now it’s reunion team, which was weirdly preceded by a 7-Eleven commercial with Wes and Kenny fighting over getting a gallon of milk.

*Whoa, applause definitely took a dive bomb for Mandi, Ev and Jillian from the audience. Interesting.

*Carley hasn’t really thought about the money, Landon paid of loans and bought an engagement ring. She said yes.

*Ooh, Laurel just dug at Carley for not finishing on her own. This is pretty intense.

*The host got Kenny to say “Women can be strong competitors” and the crowd cheered. Oi.

*I was right, Jenn and Noor didn’t climb the mountain. They were taken to the top in a helicopter.

*Kenny’s talking big, saying he’ll fight Wes and let him throw the first five punches. Kenny’s coming off as a douche dropping all these F-bombs and saying he could kick Wes’s ass at any time. I seriously doubt that. They should do a “celebrity boxing” thing between the two of them.

*WHOA! Pete just asked them to shut up. Awesome!

*Wow, Danny, really? You don’t think Kenny would have thrown his friends under the bus if it would have suited him? Dream on bro. Ask Paula about that. He’s still pissed at Wes.

*Of course, Ryan and Jenn don’t feel bad about playing both sides.

*Huh, after the Mandi/Jenn fight (which actually lasted a few hours!) she got to decide if Jenn got kicked out or not.

*Jesus, this host is so obvious and lame.

*The Carley/Laurel tension is crazy. Laurel’s way in your face and Carley’s not very well spoken.

*Now Jillian’s acting like she’s a top dog, saying the fresh meat girls were all jealous of Laurel.

*Ev’s talking shit about Luke again. She says he didn’t care. He’s not there to defend himself.

*Now they’re talking about Wes giving up in his exile. He says he pushed things pretty hard in the beginning, but then he gave up after realizing Ev was winning. Mandi’s YELLING at him. Wes punked out. I was right!

*Ugh, doing an hour long reunion right after doing the hour long finale is TOO MUCH. Save it for next week next time!!!

*Wes says he was broken up with Kelly Anne when he was on the show. Jenn and Pete are dating.

*Laurel made out with three people.

*Unseen footage shows Kenny and Ryan sleeping together spooning. And showering together. And the requisite amount of making out and nudity. One of the unseen clips was totally seen on the show: the toilet paper thing between Kenny and Noor.

*And apparently Ryan almost died trying to deepthroat a carrot.

*Whew, it’s finally over.

2 thoughts on “So Fresh & So Meat: Reunion

  1. Wait Jillian and Pete or Jenn and Pete are dating? Because that would mean that Jillian broke up with Frank… and Jenn and Pete were hooking up the whole show so Jillian stole him? I’m confused.

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