New York Housewives Season 3 Reunion Part 2

The second part of this three part reunion wasn’t all that interesting. After seeing last week’s Watch What Happens Live last week, Bethenny and Andy Cohen agreed that there was enough material for three one hour episodes. I’ve got to disagree as this installment felt like a whole lot of filler.

Sonja comes on and does her usual “I love sex” schtick that was old hat even before she got on the show. That took up a pretty big chunk of time. Another chunk was spent showing Jill getting dumped on for ten to fifteen minutes until Bethenny of all people jumped to her defense. We get it, Jill sucks. Unfortunately, Jill doesn’t seem to understand what she did wrong, just that she did wrong. I’ve never seen a person apologize more without any real emotion behind it in my life. That must be what it’s like to be a parent.

There were actually a couple interesting bits of information about people telling other people not to film with other housewives. Alex and Ramona both say that Jill asked them not to shoot with Bethenny after they heard about her solo show. Jill at first says she didn’t and then says she’s sorry (of course). It also comes up that Bethenny didn’t want to shoot with Kelly and Bethenny says straight up that it’s true and that she didn’t like Kelly and didn’t want her on the show. I bet she wishes her plan to get her off the show would have worked!

It’s not until there’s about 12 minutes left in the episode that they get to talking about Crazy Kelly on the boat trip. They show all the clips which takes up a good deal of that time and then Kelly goes on and on about bullying and how the women are vile and the she was attacked the whole time. Ramona jumps in, saying she can’t take it anymore (and frankly, neither could I because she didn’t make any sense). Andy responded by saying that she looked like a bully when she jumped on Kelly like that. All of this just made Kelly go on more about bullying and how her plight was a lesson the viewers (que?).

Kelly then tries to say that Bravo forced her onto that trip, which Andy flat out says ain’t true. LuAnn pipes up once again to say that she told Kelly not to go on the trip (hey, Countess, you sound like your own mercifully broken record) and then asks why she started all kinds of trouble. Sonja, Bethenny, Alex and Ramona all kind of explode with unbelief and annoyance at once, which gets Kelly upset and she walks off. Hey, that’s the end of the second part. Hopefully part three is all Kelly bashing, because, honestly, what else is there? Ooh, or better yet, her getting carted off in a straight jacket.

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