Roseanne Comics Cavalcade: David’s Knightquest T-Shirt

I know it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these RCC posts, but that’s because I actually got caught up on the whole series with a few episodes missed here and there and kind of forgot about this recurring feature. I’ve still got about a dozen pictures though, so I figured I’d knock them out weekly until I run out. Back in 1992/1993 Batman got his back broken by Bane and was replaced by Jean-Paul Valley an unstable hero known as Azrael who got crazier and more armored during his tenure as Batman. All of the stories around that time started with the word Knight (Knightfall, Knightquest, Knight’s End). The pointier Bat symbol represented the new era of Batman. I couldn’t find an image of the shirt itself online, but you can get a pretty good view of it in this image of Valley’s Batman suit which has since been dubbed AzBats.I would wear this shirt in a heartbeat, so if anyone has one they don’t want anymore (that isn’t too gross after 17 years of existence) let me know. I’ll trade you some trades for it.

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