Toy Commercial Tuesday: Visionaries

After watching a few of these Visionaries commercials on YouTube, I think you can expect to see some more in the future. They mix everything awesome about 80s toy commercials: epic jingle featuring the name of the toy over and over, a setting to play with your toys that no kid ever had, enhanced visuals to make the toys seem WAY cooler than they actually are and kids having an awesome time playing with them. The Visionaries’ claim to fame was that they were action figures with holograms worked in. I don’t think I ever had any of the toys growing up, I was more of a Super Naturals fan, but I’m sure I watched the cartoon. There was also a comic from Star. Anyway, I like how, the commercial goes from kids playing with toys to a stop motion battle that looks more like a dance fight. Plus, I guarantee the holograms never even approached the levels of vivid coolness seen in the commercial.

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