Roseanne Comics Cavalcade: Death Of Superman Poster

It seems pretty clear to me that the comic book fans working on Roseanne were huge fans of the Death and Return of Superman stories (for more evidence, see David’s Death of Superman T-shirt), which is great, because Superman’s death is what got me into collecting comics. The Death of Superman T-shirt over Darlene’s right shoulder is an interesting piece of memorabilia as it looks like a cropped version of the black-outlined poster seen below. It’s hard to tell from the crummy picture I took, but it looks like, in addition to missing the black border and words “The Death of Superman” Darlene’s poster cuts out a good number of the assembled heroes and villains attending his public wake (I love the Darkseid and Morpheus both showed up). As a kid, I didn’t buy many comic book posters because, for the longest time I didn’t have anywhere to put them. That didn’t stop me from buying the occasional Wizard poster book or grabbing a poster or three from the JC’s Comic Shop free table. Eventually, my parents bought a cottage that had a garage with a loft that they let me decorate and hang out in with my friends so I plastered the walls with those posters. This Death of Superman poster was one of two or three that I actually purchased and hung up. I think it got some water damage when the roof leaked, but I’ve got some pretty amazing pictures taken before that that I’ll dig up and post. Man, I love Dan Jurgens.

2 thoughts on “Roseanne Comics Cavalcade: Death Of Superman Poster

  1. JC’s Comic Shop?! I loved that place and all their metal band-loving employees! Although not as much as the decrepit place in the strip mall behind it that seemed as if it was just one lit match away from being a tire fire.

    1. JC’s is still one of the best comic shops I’ve ever been to with a great selection of trades and more comics than I’d ever know what to do with. Oh man, I was always too scared to venture into that other place. It looked like a murder trap.

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