The Loft, Fortress Of Nerditude, Part 1

I’ve done a lot of talking about Man Caves on this blog, but I do have to admit that, at one time, I had a pretty rad Kid Cave growing up. My parents bought a cottage on a lake in Michigan an hour from Toledo. It was pretty awesome, but what made it even better was the barn-like garage across the street from the cottage that had a loft upstairs that my parents let me have the run of. I soon plastered posters over the walls, put up a dart board, scavenged some unwanted furniture and an old TV and had a pretty rad Kid Cave going on. One full wall had comics posters from all kinds of place and I figured I’d post the pics I have of said wall here for all to see. I used the few large posters I had as tentpoles and then filled the other spaces in with posters from the Wizard Poster Book and stuff from the free table at my local comic shop. Also, there’s the Death Of Superman poster I mentioned in this week’s Roseanne Comics Cavalcade! I can’t even say that I liked most of these books, I just thought the posters looked cool. For instance, I dig Gen 13 and Superman and Amalgam, but couldn’t care less about Spawn or Nightcrawler. Note the use of those black and white inserts DC used to put in along with their subscription comics, hence the Supergirl and Aztek pieces. Any questions about what’s what, just let me know!

2 thoughts on “The Loft, Fortress Of Nerditude, Part 1

  1. This made me remember that Geof had that Death of Superman poster in our room when I was a little kid. I asked him where it was and I’m digging it out for my dorm room this year.

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