TJ’s Toy Chest: DC Universe Classics Atom Smasher, Blue Aquaman & Classic Booster Gold

Between the cat being a jerk and Atom Smasher’s right leg popping out, this was a surprisingly difficult picture to take. But more on that in a bit. As I mentioned recently, the only figures I was missing from the Atom Smasher wave of DCUC figures were Booster Gold and Blue Costume Aquaman. I also recently came into some Target gift cards, which I figured I could put to good use by picking up at least the Booster figure. Last week the missus and I went to Target and I was shocked to see that that exact wave of figures was on clearance for the reduced price of $10.40. Now, that doesn’t quite reach back to my action figure heyday when I could get four figures for $20, but it was discount enough to get me to buy that damn Blue Costume Aquaman. The reason I hate that figure is because 1) there already are two Aquaman figures out there in the world that I already have and 2) he came with the torso of the Atom Smasher figure. It’s the only move of the DCUC line that bothers me. What not help us out a bit and have Flash come with the torso and not a figure stand? Because no one would buy him otherwise, is the answer I assume. In the end, I’m not too upset because, in my head, I spent the $10 for an Atom Smasher figure that came with an Aquaman figure. As you can see from the pictures (aside from the missus’ clear contempt for what I was doing in the background) I finally decided on the classic version of the Booster figure even though I really wanted the Skeets with Mr. Mind in it. I decided to go with the larger figure I preferred, which is the one with the collar. Anyway, Aquaman and Booster are both great figures. I like how Skeets attaches in the back in the same way that Mr. Terrific’s T Spheres do. I’m also a big fan of the Atom Smasher figure, though how much cooler would it have been if it was his previous identity Nuklon? As I mentioned his right leg popped out a few times, but overall, he’s a great build-a-figure and definitely the largest figure in my collection (I have the Giganta wave figures, but not Giganta herself or any of the equally large Marvel Legends ones).

I think the build a figure concept might be the best thing to come along in action figures in years. Why not give people a little extra value in their package with pieces to build a larger figure who looks awesomely cool when finally assembled? Metamorpho, Gorilla Grodd, Metallo, Solomon Grundy and Kalibak are all sick and I hope to add the other large figures to my collection, especially Kilowog. I love me some Green Lanterns.

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