Self Serving Links Of The Week (Or Month)

Every time I finish one of these posts of my links I think to myself “That took way too much time, I’m going to keep up on my own damn links better!” Then I get working on things, but they don’t see print for a while and I’m left without a great deal of clips (freelance kids ask your freelance parents what a clip is). So, a few weeks go by, those links finally start coming out, but I get busy and get behind. So, that’s my excuse on why you haven’t seen what I’ve been working on. Now that Comic-Con’s over, just about everything I’ve written is up, so here we go.

I’ve been working hard for the money over on’s The Goods. WTF Star Wars?! keeps being updated almost on the daily (I’ve been writing it daily, but sometimes things get delayed). That’s been fun to write and hopefully fun to read. I’ve also started writing a weekly column there called Blu-sday which covers Blu-ray and DVD releases for the week. You can check out last week’s here, and the two earlier columns here and here. Head over there tomorrow for this week’s list too.

Before SDCC kicked off I did a couple lists that turned out to be tied into movies that sucked ass (though I haven’t seen them). Here’s one about 11 Bad Ass Jonah Hex Moments and 11 Things You Should Know Going Into Last Airbender. I think both turned out pretty well as lists, it’s the movies that weren’t great.

Then, leading up to SDCC, I did lists about Creators You Should Check Out and Exclusives To Check Out. Afterwords, I did a list of the best toy and statue reveals of the show based on what had already shot.

Of course, my Maxim TV column called We LIke To Watch keeps chugging along week in and week out. Here‘s this week’s column. Check out the the Writing Links tab up and to the right if you want to see the older posts.

A lot of the Topless Robot lists I wrote a while ago started popping up in the past few weeks which was awesome. Those would be The 12 Most Gimmick-y Gimmick Comic Covers of the ’90s, 10 of the Least Stylish Jackets in Comics and 10 Crazy Creatures from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Things have also been hopping like crazy over on where I’ve done stories about Wolverine: The Best There Is, the Widowmaker crossover, the new Power Man and Iron Fist and the new Carnage series, while Earth’s Mightiest Costumes continued with Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man and I talked to Phil Jimenez about his Five Favorite Avengers.

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