Jersey Shore Season Two Hits Tomorrow!

As I’m sure you already know, Jersey Shore’s second season which was filmed in Miami over spring break will be premiering tomorrow, July 29th at 10:00PM EST on MTV. The above clip makes everything look pretty awesome, but I worry that the already image conscious cast will just be focused on perpetuating the image they set up in the first season and not allow themselves to grow as individuals this season. Heh, just kidding. Looks freaking crazy. Fights, hook ups, the usual. I just hope Angelina doesn’t ruin things with her awfulness. What’s the deal with bringing her back anyone? Does she have pictures of a high level MTV exec?

Also, real quick, to every single moron who continues to rail against the show Jersey Shore for not actually representing New Jersey SHUT UP ALREADY. The show clearly states that these people aren’t even from Jersey plus, no shit, getting any six or seven people together and filming them isn’t representative of a larger group. TAKE A STATISTICS CLASS! Living near New Jersey (too close, frankly) I hear about a lot of this crap on the news and it just makes everyone involved sound stupid for not checking facts. Rant complete.

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