Toy Commercial Tuesday: Karate Kommandos

As a kid I loved Chuck Norris And The Karate Kommandos. Mind you this was back when Norris was actually cool and not just an internet badass. He was the main character of the cartoon and obviously awesome, but he also had a group of friends who also kicked all kinds of ass, plus the bad guy could fly around on blade shoes. How rad is that? I also dug the toys because they had those great kicking and punching action features and came with a bunch of weapons. I think I had the Norris in this commercial, but not anymore, though I still have the Reed Smith toy (not exactly the coolest hero name around, is it?). Anyway, I chose Karate Kommandos because, as you know, I’m super excited about The Expendables and it seems crazy that Norris isn’t in the movie. Or maybe he is and it’s a huge surprise. I’ll let you know after seeing it on Friday!

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