Newsflash: Bubble Bobble Still Awesome

The other day I mentioned how excited I was to download Mario Tennis and Bubble Bobble on the Wii Virtual Arcade. Well, the other night, I went out and got one of those cards for $20. Because I haven’t played my Wii since…I have no idea when, it took me a while to figure out how to get the damn thing to connect to the internet. After downloading the system update I got to the store and downloaded the two games (Mario Tennis was 1000 points and Bubble Bobble 500). And bam, I started playing Bubble Bobble. For over an hour. It was amazing.

I remember playing Bubble Bobble with my buddy Geof when we were kids for hours. And you know what? Even after years of playing more complicated games, Bubble Bobble STILL gave me trouble. There were whole levels that I wasted a full string of lives and continues on. I got up to level 79 before heading to bed for a little while. When I got back up, I didn’t go right back to the game and the next day but when I woke up the next day, my hand was sore from gripping the WiiMote in the old school sideways position. I haven’t gone back to keep playing (even if the password I wrote down doesn’t work I don’t think I’ll mind going through all 79 levels again the game is THAT MUCH fun). I grabbed my GameCube controller out of storage for future playing and for Mario Tennis.

My only complaint isn’t related to the game itself, but more to Nintendo’s internet capabilities. I’m not much of a Wii player, but wouldn’t it make sense to be able to play games like this online with your friends? How hard could that be to set up? It seems like Xbox Live and I would assume Playstation Network can do the same thing with older games from their libraries, why not Nintendo. Hell, you can play these games in your browser and on your phone now, why not with friends online?

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