Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 4 “Breaking Up”

Thanks to a car trip from New York to New Hamsphire last night, we missed the first showing of Jersey Shore; didn’t really think the inlaws would be down with it like we are. But we did catch most of the 11 o’clock showing, minus the first 15 minutes or so.

We came in with drunken Snooki smashing plates. I assume this has something to do with her boyfriend cheating on her and her finding out. It barely got addressed the rest of the episode, but that’s the assumption I’m operating under. The rest of the episode seemed like absolute bullshit between Sammi and Ronnie. Methinks the MTV editors think we care a lot more about these two morons than we do. Wasn’t there a rumor they werne’t going to be on the next season? Could it be because they’re a black hole for fun and this show is supposed to be all about fun? Yes, indeed.

Speaking of morons, I’m honestly shocked at how dumb JWOWW and Snooki come of in this episiode (and yes, I realize how ridiculous that sentence is with each keystroke). While out to dinner with Angelina, JWOWW comes up with this plan to write an anonylous letter telling Sammi all the creeping Ronnie’s been doing. She thinks it’s brilliant, Angelina seems to think it’s stupid and as usual Snooks is just along for the ride. Snookie and JWOWW later head to a cyber cafe (didn’t know they still had those) where they type the letter up in all caps. The plan is to put it in one of Sammi’s drawers and then not cop to it when Sammi starts asking around. Who else would write the damn thing?

While they’re out writing the letter, Sammi and Angelina go out and it seems as though the only topic of conversation is how pissed off Sammi would be if any of the girls in the house knew that Ronnie was cheating on her and didn’t say anything. Get ready to get pissed Sammi Sweetheart (by the way, no one calls her that, why is it still included when she pops up on screen MTV?). The leaps in logic it takes for this to seem like a good idea actually make me think less of JWOWW, especially later when her and Snooki are giving Angelina shit because she wants nothing to do with it. They try and guilt her with “You should tell her.” Uh, hello, haven’t you seen all the same nonsesne she has if not more and worse? Snooki straight up told Ronnie she’d report all his misdeeds to Sammi, but that won’t be happening. You’d think they’d remember from last season that this will all be on TV anyway, you might as well tell the person now and save them some nationwide mortification. Of course, like Angelina says, it probably won’t matter. Sammi’s like a beaten puppy who keeps going back to the abusive master. I’m not saying Ronnie’s been violent to her or anything, but he’s definteily not treating her like someone he loves. My advice to them? Get over your shit and move on. My advice to MTV? Don’t make me watch another episode filled with this bullshit or I swear I might stop watching! Maybe…probably not. I guess Sammi’s not the only abused pupped. Woof.

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